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Invested in quality? Now it’s paying off!

This aluminium football goal also falls under our quality concept, recognisable by our quality symbol.

In 2012, we introduced the quality concept ‘scoring with quality’. This concept means that on many products we provide as much as an 8-year warranty on the welded parts of the aluminium construction and that these materials are also delivered with TÜV certificate (tested to DIN/EN quality standards). Among other things, these products can be recognised by our quality symbol. For the customer, this is a piece of security for investing in quality.

Aluminium sports and furnishing materials

When it comes to purchasing sports and furnishing materials, there is a lot of choice. With a lot of choice, there is also often a difference in quality. As the difference in quality is not always visible from the outside, the cheaper option is quickly chosen. But in this case, cheap is expensive.

We notice that the investment in more expensive materials pays off for associations and municipalities. After 8 to 10 years, artificial grass pitches are replaced and our furnishing materials still turn out to be perfectly adequate. The aluminium football goals, hockey goals and dug outs with our quality concept do not yet need to be replaced and are therefore very suitable for long-term use. A slightly higher investment at purchase is ultimately cheaper because of the longer lifespan.

Safe sports environment

Besides durability, safety is our top priority. The constructions of our sports and furnishing materials meet the highest safety standards and, combined with long-term use, we can thus ensure the safest possible sports environment.