W&H Sports

Haverstraat 71

2153 GD Nieuw Vennep

Delivery terms

W&H Sports is located in Nieuw-Vennep, registered in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce in Haarlem 34181096.

Article 1

Applicability of these conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all offers, deliveries made by us to third parties, as well as to all agreements in the broadest sense of the word and contracting of work, entered into by us with third parties. Deviations from these terms and conditions only apply if and insofar as we confirm them in writing.

Article 2


All offers and quotations are without obligation, unless explicitly stated otherwise, and are based on any information provided at the time of application or at the time of purchase/payment. The prices quoted are for delivery ex office, studio or warehouse and are exclusive of turnover tax and exclusive of packaging. Data are subject to change without prior notice. They do not bind us. All transactions are always concluded on the basis of the prices valid at the time of conclusion. Should price increases occur, e.g. as a result of increases in duties and/or taxes, factory prices, currency, etc., we reserve the right to pass on the price difference to the client.

For its part, however, the customer shall have the right, provided that it is notified to us by registered letter within three days of the price increase being notified, to take back the order given and suffice to reimburse the customer for what has already been presented, on the basis of the prices applicable to the increase.

Article 3


All agreements concluded with us and their additions become binding only by our written confirmation. Agreements as referred to above and additions thereto shall only be binding upon us after, and in so far as and in the manner in which they have been accepted by us and confirmed in writing. Only the management – and persons authorised by us in writing – can and may enter into agreements on our behalf. We reserve the right, by simple written termination, to dissolve the agreement and to demand the return of any goods delivered as well as full compensation of the full amount to be paid in a single sum, either by claiming compensation for the actual damages suffered in both cases increased by a penalty – for our benefit – of 15% over the said amount; which damages will be determined by us; all this in the event that the other party:

  • dies or decides to liquidate his affairs;
  • if he is placed under guardianship;
  • if bankruptcy or suspension of payments is requested;
  • if he is irrevocably sentenced to a term of imprisonment;
  • if his property is seized;
  • if a licence or registration necessary for the exercise of his business or profession is revoked;
  • if the goods are lost or rendered worthless;
  • if the services provided by us no longer have any value;
  • if he chooses another place of residence or domicile without further specification;
  • if he chooses his domicile or residence outside the Netherlands;
  • if he enters into any incorrect or incomplete agreement with us,has made a statement or may have concealed any circumstances known to him, insofar as the inaccuracy, incompleteness, or concealment is of such a nature that we would not have concluded the contract, or not in the same way, if we had known the true state of affairs.

Article 4


All our deliveries are cash on delivery or after payment in advance. Other delivery and/or payment conditions are only possible after consultation, followed by written confirmation from our side.

Article 5


All our prices are net, excluding VAT, unless otherwise stated in a written offer from us.

Article 6

Packing, Shipping

All our prices do not include packaging, shipping or transport costs.