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Beach volleybal

Our delivery program for beach volleyball is very extensive. In addition to beach volleyball poles and nets, we also supply containment and perimeter systems, separation cloth, sand covers, mowing tiles, ground sockets for beach volleyball poles (fixed and mobile), antennas, stands, sand (cleaning) and playground markings for beach volleyball. All our materials meet the requirements of NEVOBO. For the construction of your beachcourt we work closely together with specialized partners and can therefore be of full service to you from preparation to realization.


The complete installation of your beach volleyball court

We can take care of the entire installation of your beach volleyball court. We have a wide range of products and are happy to provide expert advice. This wide selection includes: beach volleyball posts, a mobile installation frame for the posts, beach volleyball nets and boundary lines. In addition to beach volleyball, we can also supply materials for other beach sports. We also supply various other sports equipment like edging elements and curbs for beach soccer, beach volleyball, beach handball, beach tennis and beach korfball.

Professional assembly of beach volleyball pitches

Through cooperation with specialised partners, we can provide you with a professional installation of your beach court. We take you along from the beginning to the actual delivery. All our materials meet the requirements of the FIVB. The FIVB has drawn up several requirements for safety and dimensions.

Durable and safe

Safety and durability are very important to W&H Sports. This is also taken into account when designing your beach court. For example, we offer mobile built-in frames, which allow various beach sports to be played. A multifunctional beach court can be a great option when using space. The mobile frames can be filled with sand and are completely removable, so that there are no protruding parts when other sports are played on the beach court.

Frequently asked questions

  • For which sports can you use the multifunctional beach volleyball poles?

    The multifunctional beach volleyball poles can also be used for volleyball, beachtennis, badminton, and foot volleyball. This makes beach sports facilities multifunctional.

  • How are beach volleyball poles anchored?

    There are several possibilities to anchor beach volleyball poles. In ground sockets with concrete foundations, with a removable adapter on a concrete slab or with a mobile built-in frame. The built-in frame must be buried in the sand with the advantage that no concrete foundation is required.

  • Can the beach volleyball poles be used at competition level?

    Yes, our beach volleyball poles can be used at the highest level of competition. Our network system has the A status as classified by NEVOBO (Dutch Volleyball Federation).

  • What is the desired distance between the beach volleyball poles?

    The poles carrying the net are at a distance of 0.70 m to 1.00 m from the sideline to the post guard. They are 2.55 m high and preferably adjustable. At world and official FIVB competitions the poles are placed at a distance of 1m from the sideline.

  • What are the official dimensions of a beach volleyball net?

    When hung tight, the net is 8.5 m long and 1 m (+/- 3 cm) wide and hangs vertically above the axis of the field. The net consists of square meshes with sides of 10 cm. At the top and bottom there are two 7 to 10 cm wide horizontal double folded canvas bands sewn on over the entire length. These bands are preferably dark blue or a bright colour. At both ends of the strap at the top, a cord runs through an opening to attach the strap to the posts and keep it taut.

  • What is the difference between beach volleyball and volleyball?

    Apart from playing it on the sand, there are other big differences. In official (international) matches, a beach volleyball team consists of two players, of which there are six in the hall. The beach volleyball court is smaller than the indoor volleyball court: 8 x 8 metres, while in the hall it is 9 x 9 metres. What is the same is the net height. For both beach volleyball and indoor volleyball the net height is 2.24 metres for the ladies and 2.43 metres for the men.

Constructing a beach volleyball court

The construction of a beach volleyball court can be approached in many different ways. In recent years we have often had the opportunity to think along with beach sports organizations about the construction of a safe and professional beach volleyball field. Sometimes we supply the materials and the assembly is done in-house! Is the knowledge and manpower not available? Then our assembly partner is ready to take the construction of the beach volleyball court completely out of your hands. Thanks to our experience in constructing beach volleyball courts, we are happy to provide advice so that sport can be played safely and in accordance with the guidelines of the association!