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Tab 1

AZAlkmaarAVATAR stadium seats, football goals, training goals, youth goals, mini goals, dugouts and field dugouts with deluxe sponsor seats
MHC AlkmaarAlkmaarConcrete seating elements and steel-reinforced side boards
BALRAlkmaarTelescopic moveable stand
THC HurleyAmstelveenHockey equipment
AFC AJAXAmsterdamBoarding court of 30 x 15 metres
Olympisch StadionAmsterdamBuilt-in materials for the 2016 European Athletics Championships, such as throwing rings, troughs, barriers, etc. for various locations including the Olympic Stadium, Ookmeer, Schinkel Island and Museumplein
Gemeente Amsterdam (see video)AmsterdamGreenMatter river bank protection
AFC AJAXAmsterdamMatch goals main pitch, match goals (GoalClip), youth goals, training goals, mini goals, (foot) volleyball poles, dugouts, pendulum header unit, and mobile benches and basketball boards
Baseball5AmsterdamModular sports floor
Maritzstraat 3x3 basketbalveld (see video)AmsterdamModular sports floor
FC AmsterdamAmsterdamMovable youth goals
ADO Den HaagDen HaagHinged training goals (for warm-up), mobile youth goals, dug outs including seats in the colours green/yellow and changing room facilities (training complex)
HC Klein ZwitserlandDen HaagHockey goals and steel-reinforced (all-plastic) hitting boards
WK hockey - Greenfields Stadion (temporary)Den HaagHockey goals, jury dug-out, players' dug-outs and penalty benches
WK hockey - Kyocera StadionDen HaagHockey goals, jury dugout, penalty benches
Diemerpark (see video)DiemenNature' line fitness equipment (Multi-Tower, DIps Light, Bench, Gymnastic Bar, Push Up Light & Squat a Step Up and a Back Trainer)
PSV Philips StadionEindhovenMatch goals with recessed ground frame
PSV - trainingscomplex De HerdgangEindhovenStadium goals, training goals and multifunctional beach volleyball poles
FC TwenteEnschedeBusiness seats
Universiteit LeidenLeidenRugby goals (hinged)
Feyenoord, stadion de KuipRotterdamBusiness seats, VIP seats for field dugouts and dugouts for players
Feyenoord, stadion de KuipRotterdamStadium goals, full furnishing of dressing room guests, folding training goals
Sportcentrum GalgenwaardUtrechtCompetition hurdles and transport and storage system
FC Utrecht - Stadion GalgenwaardUtrechtStadium dug outs with luxury seats and dug out for 4th official
FC Utrecht - Stadion GalgenwaardUtrechtStadium seats type WH-A3

Tab 2

Sports clubCounrtyProduct(s)
Royal Uccle Sport BrusselBelgiumHockey boards en transport trolley
Sport VillageBelgiumHockey boards
Zwembad PuyenbroeckBelgiumStadium seats
Herakles Hockey ClubBelgiumStadium seats
Sporthal De BorgBelgiumStadium seats
FC HeikantBelgiumStadium seats
Koninklijke Deurne SpartansBelgiumGrandstand
Herenthout sportparkBelgiumRubber edging
Zwalm SK MunkzwalmBelgiumAdvertising holder system
KAA GentBelgiumMultifunctional volleyball posts
KHC Dragons - World League HockeyBelgiumDugouts
Europese School MolBelgiumBasketball poles, athletics equipment, youth goals, multi-purpose posts and retaining kerbs
KFC OlympiaBelgiumAdvertising holder system
Royal Antwerp FCBelgiumHinged stadium goal
Southampton FCEnglandAluminium pendulum header unit
VfL WolfsburgGermanyHinged stadium goal
Colmer-BiergLuxembourgRebound protection board for hockey field
FC DAC 1904 - academy and stadionSlovakiaFootball goals, freestanding training goal, dugouts (with business seats), referee dugouts, trainings equipment, brush mat, soccercourt, wire mesh lockers
FIFA projectSwitzerland2 soccer courts including ball catchers, football goals en daknetten

Tab 3

FIFA project in Tsjaad MoundouAfricaFootball goals, training goal and dugouts
Fosa Juniors MadagaskarAfricaMini training goals
FIFA project in GabonAfricaFootball goals, youth goals and corner flags
Rosa CollegeArubaBasketball installation
Basisschool Princes AmaliaArubaVolleyball posts and Basketball installations
Basisschool Princes ChristinaArubaVolleyball and Basketball installation
TISA BakuAzerbeidjanLanding mat for high jump
FIFA projectCayman IslandsDrainage channels, Football goals and dugouts
FIFA Goal projectCentral African RepublicFootball goals, dugouts and tribune
FIFA project St. KittsCentral African RepublicFootball goals with net bars, dismountable movable training goal, dugouts, referee dugouts en corner flags
FIFA projectChadFootball goals en moveable training goals
FIFA project IvoorkustChamprouxFootball goals, corner flags, dugouts incl seating
WillemstadCuraçaoDrainage channels
Hockeybond CuraçaoCuraçaoHockey goals
FIFA project CuraçaoCuraçaoFootball goals with net bars
Bahar DarEthiopiaComplete equipment of the athletics track
Addis AbabaEthiopiaComplete equipment of the athletics track
Dire DawaEthiopiaComplete equipment of the athletics track
HawassaEthiopiaComplete equipment of the athletics track
Red Bull Soccer AcademyGhanaFootball goals, moveable goals, dugouts, aluminium pendulum header unit en tennis poles
UNDP projectHaïti Drainage channels, football goals
UNION schoolHaïti Drainage channels
Artificial grass pitch Olympisch Comité HaitiHaïti Drainage channels
SolinoHaïti Football goals
FIFA Croix des BouquetsHaïti Drainage channels
IOC project – Sports for HopeHaïti Hinged rugby goal, football goals en corner flags
FIFA project Sylvio Cator stadionHaïti Football goals with net bars and corner flags
FIFA project SairangIndiaFootball goals with net bars, corner flags en dugouts incl seating
Lornah Kiplagat AcademyKenyaComplete equipment of the athletics track
FIFA project LesothoLesothoFootball goals, dismountable movable training goal, dugouts, referee dugouts en corner flags
Stichting Katholiek Onderwijs St. MaartenSaint MartinMobile grandstand and Basketball installations unbreakable
Stadion te SurinameSuriname3.000 stadiums seats, football goals, moveable goals, dugouts, referee dugout en corner flags
FIFA project SurinameSurinameFootball goals, dismountable movable training goal, dugouts, referee dugouts en corner flags
FIFA projectTahitiFootball goals, moveable youth goals, dugouts, referee dugouts en corner flags