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Lockers and cabinets

Our lockers, wardrobes, locker cabinets and other cabinets are available in various designs, sizes and colours. Ideal for sports clubs, swimming pools, sports halls, schools and universities. We can supply cabinets in wood or steel. In addition to standard lockers, we are also able to provide fully customised solutions according to your wishes. For example, the dimensions and colours can be determined! On request, we can process any type of wooden plate. This allows you to perfectly adapt our products to the look of your space. Where necessary, the setups are finished with fitting panels and fitting strips. With the help of extensive technical and 3D drawings, we can show you a clear representation of your wishes.


Buy a locker?

The delivery programme of our lockers and cabinets is very diverse. The lockers, wardrobes, locker cabinets and charging lockers are available in various designs, dimensions and colours. The cabinets that we supply are available in wood or steel and the colour can be determined in consultation with you. Our lockers and cabinets can be used in many different situations. The lockers are also available with various types of locks. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Sport locker

The lockers that we provide are suitable as sports lockers. The sports lockers are easy to place in changing rooms, for example. With our sports lockers you can give an extra dimension to the dressing room. Besides the fact that the lockers serve for storage, it also gives an appearance to your locker room. The lockers can be made to measure and delivered in any colour, which means that the house style of your club/association can be reflected in them. Another great function of a sports locker is the security it offers. Items can be stored safely.
We also offer charging lockers. These lockers are also suitable for a sports locker room. These charging lockers offer the possibility to store a mobile device and charge it at the same time while you are exercising.

School locker

The lockers and cabinets can also serve as school lockers. Every school has lockers so that the pupils have their own place to keep their gym equipment and school books, for example. The school lockers can be provided with number plates and name plate holders, making the lockers easily recognisable for the students.

Business locker

Another possible situation for which the lockers are suitable is at the office. The business lockers can also be completely furnished according to your wishes. A suitable business locker is our charging lockers. We offer the charging lockers with 10 and 20 compartments. You can store your belongings in these charging lockers, but also charge your mobile devices at the same time. This is therefore a locker that responds to the possibilities that technological developments offer us.

Frequently asked questions

  • In which versions can lockers be supplied?

    We offer steel lockers and cabinets, wooden lockers and cabinets, wardrobes and wall cabinets. We can supply these in different colours. If desired, we can also provide the cabinets with pin code locks, key locks, nameplates and number plates. In addition to standard wardrobes, we are also able to supply fully custom-made wardrobes according to your wishes.

  • Can the lockers be fitted with pin code locks?

    Yes, we also offer lockers and cabinets with a PIN code lock.

Locker with lock

The lockers and cabinets that we supply can be fitted with locks. The lockers and cabinets can be provided with cylinder locks, but also with locks with pin code. This means that your belongings can be stored with peace of mind. We would be pleased to discuss the possibilities with you.