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SmartGoals consist of ports with blue and orange LED lighting and are controlled by a mobile app via Bluetooth and/or remote control. As the ball or a player passes the interactive gate, the sensors of the lights switch off or the colour of the lights changes to another gate.


Frequently asked questions

  • What are SmartGoals?

    SmartGoals is an interactive training system with LED lighting that you can use for sports training. All kinds of variations are available.

  • How do the SmartGoals communicate with each other?

    There is a SmartLight that you can attach to the cone at the start of a workout. This light contains a sensor that communicates with the sensor of the other light at a distance of 1.10 meters. This creates a connection between both pawns, if the lights are on and a movement is detected between the sensors (object or person) then the pawns pass the light on to another gate.

  • How far can the SmartGoals be from each other?

    The pawns are 110cm apart with the soccer set, a metal strip connects the pawns with each other. With the other sets, you can place the pawns/lights up to a maximum of 125cm apart. These sets do not have a strip in the middle.

  • Can you also observe time with SmartGoals?

    Yes, you can measure various split times for tests that the trainer can create himself. Accuracy of measurement is 0.01 seconds. This data is accessible through the app.

  • For which sports and goal groups can SmartGoals be used?

    SmartGoals can be used from young to old for all ball sports, movement education, recovery training and running training.

  • Is there also an app with the SmartGoals?

    With the purchase of SmartGoals you will receive a remote device. This allows you to easily operate the lights of the gates. With the SmartGoals app you have a number of extra possibilities such as: timing function, delay of switching on the lights, or time pressure and there are also extensive possibilities to play fun games between teams.

  • Why is there a metal strip between the pawns at the soccer set?

    This strip ensures that the sensors of the lights always point towards each other when, for example, a ball is being shot at it. In this way, trainers do not have to “straighten” the pawn every time. Users can later detach the strip from the pawns if they wish.

  • What are the Skill Games?

    SmartGoals has developed a platform (at extra cost) for users who want to take tests and make this data visible through the platform. Trainers as well as players receive a personal login in which they can view the test results. This is displayed via the well-known ‘shield’. Each player sees his/her areas of improvement and/or growth. A nice detail is that a ‘live’ scoreboard function is available, allowing parents to view the results of their son/daughter live in the club house.

SmartGoals app

The SmartGoals are provided with a free app. With the app it is possible to use different modes and thus apply a certain time pressure or delay. The app also has a database with exercise material, a scoreboard and a stopwatch. This way you always have the results at your fingertips.

SmartGoals Training Platform

Users of the soccer set can use the SmartGoals Training Platform. This platform contains more than 100 SmartGoals exercises that are categorized into different purposes, such as: position play, finishing, warming-up, etc. This way trainers no longer have to create their own training sessions.

SmartGoals SkillCourts

The Urban SkillCourt is suitable for the practice of various sports and is suitable for various goal groups: from young people to the elderly, from sports clubs and boot camp clubs to families and individual users. The Urban SkillCourts can be filled in by the client in various configurations and dimensions and is partly dependable on the goal group, the intended location and the desired dimensions. For example, a configuration of an Urban SkillCourt can easily be expanded with outdoor fitness / calisthenics.