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Table tennis tables

We have an extensive range of products for outdoor recreation. Besides table football tables, climbing walls, tennis walls and benches, we can also supply table tennis tables. We offer different variants that are particularly suitable for outdoor use.


Want to buy a table tennis table?

Table tennis tables are often found in schoolyards, sports parks, holiday resorts and playgrounds. There are several reasons for this, namely: the game is easy to learn, it requires few materials, it can be played in different forms of play, it is accessible for different age groups and a table tennis table has a long lifespan. Especially if they are made of polymer concrete! We offer different types (rectangular, round and eight-shaped) and can play a significant role in the installation and assembly. We are happy to get in touch with you to provide expert advice.

Construction of our outdoor table tennis table

Our tables are delivered in individual parts on a pallet and can therefore also be set up in places that are difficult to reach. The assembly itself is done in a short time with simple tools and without special knowledge. Due to the multi-part construction, individual elements can be easily replaced at any time.

Why polymer concrete?

Polymer concrete impresses with its excellent material properties. Compared to conventional outdoor table tennis tables made of concrete, stone or other materials that are subject to rapid weathering in many areas, polymer concrete outdoor table tennis tables offer great advantages.

With the exception of small parts, almost all other purchased parts come from Europe. Here, too, we guarantee the highest quality.

Polymer concrete table tennis tables consist of mineral fillers that are bound together by polyester resin. The mass is cast in a mould and additionally compacted. Our polymer concrete proved to be almost four times stronger than conventional concrete. This means that our table tennis tables are just as robust as a concrete table tennis table that is 4 times stronger.

Location choice for the weatherproof/all-weather table tennis table

In principle, our products are intended for stationary, permanent installation. However, the modular design allows for quick assembly and disassembly. You can therefore change the location of the table tennis table or transport the individual components to hard-to-reach places for assembly.

The surface should be solid. Paving stones or asphalt are ideal. But four washed-out concrete slabs are also acceptable.

For the floor area you need about 10 mx 5 m. The classic table tennis table itself has the dimensions 274 x 152 x 76 cm. The rule of thumb is 3 metres behind the plate and 2 metres to the sides should be free. This gives you enough playing space around the board.

Frequently asked questions

Ideal presentation opportunity for your own logos and sponsors

Table tennis tables are ideally suited for sponsoring and advertising. This gives the table tennis table a professional look and a committed sponsor the opportunity to present himself on an object with a long service life.

For schools, sports clubs and other organisations, an interesting financing option!

Replacing the table tennis table tops

Do you already have an old table tennis table and only want to replace the table tennis board? That is also one of the possibilities! Get in touch with us. We will then look at the possibilities together!