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The korfballs we offer are from the brands Misaka and Erima. Korfball is played all year round. With the balls we offer, you can play both indoors and outdoors. Order possible from 10 pieces!

Erima korfball

Erima is a big brand in the korfball world. Erima keeps developing their balls, which has resulted in the Erima Equal Pro. This ball is the official match ball of the Korfball League. The ball is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Erima has developed the ball in collaboration with the KNKV and players to best meet the needs of the korfball world.

Mikasa Korfball

Another well-known brand in the korfball world is Mikasa. Mikasa has been selling korfballs since 1917. The Japanese brand has been present at many Olympic Games. Mikasa constantly focuses on technology and advanced production methods, making Mikasa the world leader in volleyball, beach volleyball, water polo and korfball.

A well-known and common Mikasa korfball is the Mikasa IKF.

Korfball equipment

We supply many other korfball materials. You will find an overview of these materials when you press the green button below.