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Track disciplines

Materials for Track disciplines In the field of track disciplines, we supply starting blocks, competition and training hurdles, water pit with ditch and steeple hurdles for steeplechase and various transport systems for transport and storage of the material. In addition to furnishing materials, you can also contact us for the possible purchase of small materials for competition and training.


Frequently asked questions

  • Which sports are covered within the track disciplines?

    Athletics has various track disciplines. We can distinguish a number of disciplines, namely: sprint, middle distance, long distance, hurdles, relays and steeplechase.

    Sprint (100m, 200m and 400m)
    The sprint has the shortest distances of the track disciplines and this involves explosiveness in order to reach full speed as quickly as possible from a standstill in a starting block. The athletes each run on their own track.

    Middle distance (800m, 1000m, 1500m)
    Mid distance runners combine endurance with high speed. The athletes do not run on their own track, so the exit position in the final stage of the race is very important for the victory which requires smart and tactical running.

    Long distance (3000m, 5000m, 10.000m)
    Long distance runners require a particularly high level of stamina, combined with a good technical running style. And in order to win, a good strategy is needed.

    Hurdling (100m (women), 110m (men) and 400m
    Hurdling is a combination of a run and a jumping part. The runners encounter a hurdle during their sprint at regular distances. The hurdles can be run over during the race, but the runner prefers to avoid this because it has a negative impact on his speed.

    Relay races (4x100m, 4x200m, 4x400m, 4x800m and 4x1500m)
    The relay is the team element within athletics. Often the relays are held at the end of a championship and this is one of the highlights for an athletics team. The athletes have to pass on a relay baton at full speed after their race within a set exchange area.

    Steeple chase 2000m (women) and 3000m (men)
    The steeplechase originated in equestrian sports. The obstacle course (with wooden beams and a water tank per round, often produces spectacular images. In addition to stamina, the athlete’s coordination is also very important.

  • How deep is a water basin for steeplechase?

    The steeplechase race will be run on a lap of 400 meters. Per round there will be 5 jumps over a beam. One of the beams has a water tank. Usually this is on the inside of the court. The depth of the water in the water basin has to be 50 cm.

  • Does W&H Sports also sell competition hurdles?

    Yes, W&H Sports also sells competition hurdles. These are height-adjustable aluminium competition hurdles with wooden or plastic hurdles. The height can easily be adjusted with an adjustable pawl or a push button. The counterweights in the feet of the posts can easily be adjusted with an adjustable pawl. Optional is our (fully) automatic competition hurdle where the height and adjustment of the counterweights can be done at the same time by one push button. IAAF certified.

Track layout for running events

The running events are a major part of athletics. Everyone knows the images of sprinting athletes who in some cases easily pass several hurdles. Although the running events require the least equipment, it is important to choose the right materials. It has now been more than a decade since we were the first supplier for the NK omnisport. In the past ten years our delivery programme has been made even more complete in the field of running numbers. Curious about the possibilities? Request a quote or contact us directly!