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Advertising holder system / Advertising sign profiles

We supply advertising holder system / sponsorship board profiles in two different versions, namely: in brute version and in adonised version. Our advertising board profiles can also be supplied coated for an additional charge.

Frequently asked questions

  • What do I need when purchasing advertising profiles?

    Advertising profiles consist of a top and bottom profile. Different end caps are used for both profiles. To connect the advertising profiles to each other, connectors are used both top and bottom. In order to prevent the advertising boards from rattling in the profiles, anti-shock material are also used.

  • Does every advertising board fit in the profile?

    Almost all advertising billboards fit in our profiles. Our advertising profiles with anti-shock material are suitable for billboards from 6 – 8 mm. We always ask the client to make a check.

  • What is the difference between 'brute' and 'anodised'?

    With the brute version the advertising profiles are unprocessed and more sensitive to external factors. In the anodised version, the surface is treated and provided with an oxide layer. Anodising is done by means of an electrolytic treatment. The applied oxide layer is hard, porous and wear-resistant. Afterwards the corrosion resistance can be improved by sealing the pores (sealing). The process ensures that the profiles remain more beautiful and better protected. It prevents the aluminium from turning white.

  • Does W&H Sports also supply sponsor boards?

    W&H Sports does not supply sponsor boards. We don’t deliver these because boards are often provided by local entrepreneurs.

  • Can W&H Sports also play a role in the assembly of the advertising profiles?

    You can also contact us for the installation of advertising profiles. We have a regular assembly partner who is responsible for the professional installation of our furnishing materials on a daily basis.

  • Are the boards in the W&H Sports system easily interchangeable / removable?

    Yes, during the development of this system this has been carefully considered. Because the top profile is provided with extra space, the advertising signs (without screws) are easy and simple to install in the rail system. With suction cups, the billboards can easily be changed.