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Dressing room seating

We have an extensive range of stadium and grandstadium seating that can also be used for dressing rooms. We are happy to advise you on the design of new or existing dressing rooms. It is also possible to equip existing wooden benches with seats, giving an existing dressing room a modern look. Our dressing room seats can be mounted on wall benches, wall stands or floor stands and are available in various colours.


Wide range of changing room chairs

We have a diverse range of products when it comes to changing room furniture. We offer changing room chairs in the following designs: WH-A2, WH-CR4 and WH-G3. The chairs are available in various colours, allowing the club’s colours to be incorporated into the changing room. In addition to these changing room chairs, we also offer changing room benches and changing room combinations. A wide range of changing room furnishings, allowing you to design your changing room entirely according to your own wishes.

3D view

We will be happy to advise you on changing room design. We can do this by means of a 3D view, among other things. This 3D view gives you a clear picture of the appearance of your space, so you can make the best possible choice. Once you have been able to make a choice, we are happy to help you realise it. We can play a part in assembling your changing room.

Features of a good changing room chair

Thanks to our years of experience in fitting changing room chairs, we can give you expert advice on how to fill your space. We have had successful collaborations with various clubs, such as: AFC, PSV, ADO Den Haag, Excelsior, Almere City and VV Katwijk. This enables us to identify the essential characteristics of a changing room chair:

  • A locker room chair must be sturdy. A changing room is an environment that is used a lot and where players spend a lot of time. It also happens regularly that there is a small party in the changing room after a match has been won. The chairs have to be able to cope with this.
  • Nice to sit in. This is the most important part of a changing room chair.
  • It’s a part of the changing room. Because you can adjust the changing room chair to the club’s wishes, this can be achieved.

Frequently asked questions

The dressing room, a sacred place

The changing room has something sacred about it: tough stories are told, jokes are made, there is laughter together, there is crying together and friendships are made for life. In most changing rooms, there is also the rule that ‘what happens in the changing room stays in the changing room’. In short, a valuable place for many people. Such a valuable place also deserves a good interior.

Dimensions changing room chair

The changing room chairs can be mounted on a floor stand, wall bench or wall bracket. We recommend around 60 centimetres per person for seating space. The changing room chairs are approx. 45 centimetres. This way, you can estimate how many changing room chairs you might need. Of course, we are also happy to advise you.