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Our handball delivery program consists of handball goals, dugouts and sponsoring panel profile. We supply handball goals for outdoors as well as indoors and for beach handball. With our quality concept 'score with quality' we offer an 8 year guarantee on the welded parts of the aluminium construction and many materials are supplied with TÜV certificate. Download the digifolder handball here!


Want to buy a handball goal?

Are you looking for a new handball goal for the field or indoors? Then we would like to help you! We offer different types and designs. Think for example of indoor handball goals, mobile handball goals and handball goals with a lowered crossbar (youth handball goal) or beach handball goals. Handball goals can also be moved, collapsible and mobile. The goal profile of our handball goals is made of an aluminium square profile measuring 80 x 80 mm, with a wall thickness of 2.5 mm with rounded corners and is marked (red-white or, on request, in blue-white, black-white or in natural aluminium). Need to store the handball goals efficiently and quickly? Then our transport trolley is the solution you are looking for.

We hope that you will find the handball goals you are looking for here. Do you have any questions about buying a handball goal or would you like to receive more information about other handball products that we offer? Then feel free to contact one of our specialists. Call us on 0252-683300 or send an e-mail to [email protected].

Indoor handball goal

Handball is a sport that is often played indoors. Our indoor handball goals are not placed in ground sockets but are fitted with integrated transport wheels so that the goal can move forwards and backwards when loaded and prevents the goal from tipping forwards. We call this model the ‘SafeGoal’. To prevent the goal from tipping over, we can also fit the handball goals with special counterweights.

Handball goals for youth

With youth handball the pupils use mini goals with a size of 300 x 160 cm. You can continue to use the regular handball goals by using a goal reducer / crossbar. This can easily be fitted to the existing crossbar, after which the goal can be used for youth matches.

Handball accessories

Of course handball goals are indispensable for practising the sport. But there are also other materials that are often found on or around the handball field. Think for example of handball goal nets, dug outs for handball, stands, modular sports floors.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the measurements of a handball goal?

    There are different types of hockey goals and their measurements vary. A professional handball goal meets the dimensions and safety requirements set by the IHF. The standard measurements of handball goals are 3 meters wide and 2 meters high. The net support tubes have a depth of 80 centimeters above and 100 centimeters below. The goal profile of 80 x 80 millimetres with a wall thickness of 2.5 millimetres has rounded corners.

  • What is the warranty period of W&H Sports handball goals?

    An important pillar in the purchase of new handball goals are the warranty conditions. Each supplier applies different conditions. At W&H Sports there is an 8 year warranty on the welded parts of the handball goal. The goals are therefore part of our quality concept.

  • Does W&H Sports also provide foldable handball goals?

    Yes, we also supply collapsible handball goals. A product description can be found here!

  • What is the difference between a freely hanging suspension and a standard net suspension?

    A freely hanging suspension prevents the Ricochet effect; the rebound of a ball when it is shot hard into the goal net. It catches the speed of the ball. A standard net suspension does not have this effect.

  • What do I need to look out for when buying a handball goal?

    When buying a handball goal you can pay attention to a number of things. For example, pay attention to the way in which the nets are secured. This will prevent that there are protruding net hooks on the goals. These can rust (in the case of metal) or weathering (in the case of plastic) over time and are also unsafe to use. The welds can also show a difference in quality. For example, have they been machined or done by a skilled welder (in practice many times stronger). In addition, it is important to know whether aluminium profiles are welded to the goal profile or whether they are first placed in the profile and then welded all around. The last option is desirable and prevents cracks from forming on the welds. It is also possible to make a check on the internal reinforcements. This is of course difficult to check from the outside. Always ask the supplier if internal reinforcements are used. Handball goals that are not internally reinforced have a considerably shorter lifespan. What you could also take into account in your judgement is the net suspension. A free net suspension prevents the Ricochet effect; the rebound of a ball when shot hard into the goal net. This catches the speed of the ball.

  • Does W&H Sports also provide handball goals for pupils?

    We do not supply handball goals for pupils.

Dug outs & Cabins

We supply dugouts in various designs and sizes. Our dug-outs can be provided with various options, such as RAL colour, seating, storage space, clothes hooks, LED lighting, etc. It is also possible to provide dug-outs with transport wheels so that they can easily be moved.