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Temporary fencing system

We have been equipping stadiums for over two decades. An important aspect of stadium design is the safety of spectators and the 'management' of large groups of supporters. The order in bigger stadiums is best maintained by reliable, high-quality separation between the athletes and the spectators, and between the spectators themselves. Our temporary fencing system is ideally suited for this.


Flexible fencing for your sports facility

As a supplier of high-quality sports equipment, we are a reliable partner for many different sports associations, municipalities and stadiums. More and more often, our clients have indicated that they are looking for a flexible solution to separate and supervise large groups of people. This made us decide to include a temporary fencing system in our product range. Ideal for large stadiums but also for sports facilities, events, airports, business parks, festivals, fairs, concerts and/or calamities.

Fencing for stadiums

Stadiums are often where the best events take place. Think, for example, of major sporting events but also concerts, ceremonies and other parties. However, where thousands of people come together, there are also concerns about security. Our flexible fencing is an ideal option for improving the safety, organisation and crowd flow at your location. Every event is different and organising them requires flexibility. Our fencing system fits this need very well!

Temporary fencing

Most stadiums use large quantities of permanent fencing. These fences are lout proof, have a long life span but once installed cannot be moved. Our temporary fencing does offer this flexibility. The flexible fencing is easy to install, move and store.

Crowd Control

Without clear instructions, crowds can become confused and irritated. Clear boundaries, fences and directional signs allow traffic to flow smoothly and barricades simply become part of the venue. Our flexible fencing has a positive influence on crowd control. Our flexible fencing can easily be linked together to form a continuous wall/barrier.