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W&H Sports sells different kinds of footballs. Our product range consists of footballs for different age groups, surfaces and football levels (natural grass, artificial grass and indoor football). W&H Sports offers almost all footballs from the major football leagues and tournaments. All balls are available from stock. An order of balls is possible from 10 pieces!

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Footballs are indispensable for every football club. In our wide range of Derbystar footballs, quality comes first. We offer Derbystar balls because this is a very big brand in the football world. They are played with Derbystar in the Dutch Eredivisie and in the German Bundesliga.

In addition, the balls of Derbystar meet certain quality requirements. The footballs have a stable flight characteristic and an excellent grip. We offer various Derbystar balls and each ball has its own characteristics.

Derbystar youth football

In football it is usual that a different ball is used for each age group. This has to do with the weight and size of the ball linked to the strength of the players.  Below an overview of footballs suitable for youth:

Derbystar artificial grass

Football in the Netherlands is increasingly played on artificial turf. Derbystar has also designed a special artificial turf ball for the age category O11 to O15. This is the Derbystar Classic Light Artificial Grass.

Derbystar football seniors

Derbystar is played in the Dutch Eredivisie and the German Bundesliga, among others, which demonstrates the quality of Derbystar. But Derbystar is not only played at the highest level, the ball is also widely used in the amateur world. The balls that are suitable for seniors are:

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Before you buy a Derbystar ball it might be interesting to know the story behind the brand. The first Derbystar was produced in 1963 in a small leather factory in Goch (Germany). The company was previously a supplier of other leather products, such as saddles for equestrian sports. This is where the name ‘Derbystar’ originated. Derby’ refers to the company’s roots in equestrian sports and ‘Star’ stands for quality.

After the production of the first ball Derbystar has innovated a lot. For example, the first ball construction of Derbystar consisted of 32 panels while up to that time balls were constructed from 18 panels. Eventually Derbystar switched to a new structure of 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons, with the result that the balls had an improved predictability, reliability and escape behaviour.

The innovation Derbystar was one of the first producers who switched to PU material instead of leather. At the time this was a revolution in the sports world, but the PU material provided many advantages. Derbystar was at this time a major player in the football world and this resulted in a partnership with the German Bundesliga.

The balls of Derbystar were tested in a wind tunnel by the Institute of Health and Sports Sciences at the University of Tsukuba (Japan). The findings were that the 32 panels provide better aerodynamics than any other ball on the market. Hugely important for players to assess the ball correctly.

Finally in 2012 Derbystar reached a historic high of selling more than 1 million balls in one year.

Derbystar futsal

In addition to the Derbystar footballs we also offer balls that are specifically designed for the hall. The Derbystar indoor footballs have a low bounce effect.

Football goals

W&H Sports has a wide range of products. In the field of football for example, we also offer football goals. Our football goals are already in place in several leading stadiums in the Netherlands.