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Modular Sports Flooring

Our modular sports floors are ideal for temporary or permanent use and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The floors are low-maintenance, available in various colours and can be fitted with lines and logos. Thanks to the openings in the tiles, the floors can also be used in rainy weather. Our tiles are certified according to EN14877 and meet all requirements for the important European standard for outdoor sports floors. Our Ultimate and Ultimate Plus tiles are FIBA certified. The floor tiles can be installed on a paved, stable surface without unevenness, possibly with a sports technical underlay for extra cushioning and ball bounce. The flooring is guaranteed for 15 years and the floors are 100% recyclable at the end of their useful life. We have 4 sports floor tiles in our delivery programme. The Ultimate is our standard floor for various sports and multifunctional use. The Ultimate Plus floor is for intensive use and the Ultimate Flow is very suitable for pickleball and sports where optimum grip in both dry and wet weather conditions is desired. In addition, the Ultimate and Ultimate Plus are also available as GreenMatter floor tiles using recycled raw materials from worn-out artificial grass pitches. Our floors can be used for various sports, such as 3x3 basketball, indoor hockey, football, korfball, school sports and are therefore multifunctional. W&H Sports is also a partner of 3X3 Unites.


Want to buy a modular sports floor?

Modular sports floors offer many possibilities. The sports-technical subfloors are used for sports at top level, but the sports floors can also be used for playgrounds and sports fields in public spaces. The floors are safe, can be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily, are suitable for (almost) any surface, can be moved easily and are easy to replace and maintain. In addition, the modular sports floors are used for various sports, such as football, hockey, tennis, pickleball, basketball (or 3×3 basketball) and handball.

Indoor hockey floor

The winter period is traditionally the start of the indoor hockey season. Hockey clubs start training indoors en masse and the artificial turf pitches remain unused. In recent years there has been a growing capacity problem because there are not enough indoor sports facilities available. Because of this trend, hockey clubs are increasingly opting for a blow-up hall or air dome. In many cases, these blow halls and air domes are equipped with modular sports floors, because the properties of these sports floors are extremely suitable for these facilities. The modular floor has a number of advantages, namely: the tiles always fit through the entrance of the hall, can be delivered in different colours, can be provided with sponsor messages and in addition, the tiles have an open structure, which makes them breathe, as it were. This should reduce noise and provide optimal ventilation. Ball speed is also high on these sports floors.

Sports floor tiles

The tiles of the sports floor have a size of 25 x 25 cm. This makes them lightweight, easy to place/remove and also easy to store. The tiles can be delivered in different colours and we also work out a lineation plan if required. We offer different types of modular sports floors, each with their own specific characteristics and properties. The subfloor is also important in determining which modular sports floor best suits your needs. In general, we can distinguish two types of modular sports floors, namely: indoor and outdoor sports floors. Take a quick look!

Standards for plastic sports floors

Indoor standards

In January 2007, all European Union countries adopted the EN 14 904: 2006 standard. This standard includes a series of minimum technical requirements which form the basis for the development of a high-quality indoor sports floor. Within this standard, safety is one of the most important issues.

An EN standardised floor guarantees that it is safe to play sports on. The client can also assume that they are buying a durable product that will last for years.

For indoor sports floors, the most important factors to be taken into account are: impact absorption, uniform friction, vertical deformation, bounce capacity.

Outdoor standards

For outdoor sports floors, and also specifically for multisport surfaces, it is necessary that they meet the European standard EN 14877. This is a standard that regulates the specific properties of synthetic outdoor coatings. The European standard EN 14877 covers synthetic surfaces for the following purposes: athletics, tennis and multisport.

The normative tests for the flooring consist of two parts. The first part deals with the requirements for testing products in the laboratory. This is to ensure that they are capable of delivering the required levels of sports performance and player/surface interaction. In addition, it demonstrates that they are manufactured from superior materials. The second part describes the requirements for installed surfaces. This is to ensure that the sporting performance and player/surface interaction characteristics are appropriate for the intended use. For outdoor sports surfaces, the most important factors are: high drainage, UV resistance, compression, traction behaviour.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can W&H Sports' modular sports floors be used both indoors as outdoors?

    Our modular sports floors are extremely suitable as (temporary) sports floors for both indoor and outdoor use! We have a suitable tile and underlay for every situation. Let our experts advise you. The outdoor sports floors are equipped with a drainage functionality so that they can also be used in rainy conditions.

  • Can W&H Sports also play a role in the laying of the modular sports floor?

    Yes, W&H Sports will work out a plan together with a client and upon approval, our regular installation partner will take care of the installation. Of course, a client can also take care of this in-house if desired.

  • Do I need a subfloor for a modular sports floor on an existing surface?

    A subfloor is not always necessary, but in many cases it gives the right and desired sports technical properties. Whether or not a subfloor is necessary depends on the underground and the type of sport that will be practiced.

  • Which sports can be played on a modular sports floor?

    Our modular sports floors can be used for all kinds of different sports. For example, our sports floor is used for indoor football, indoor hockey, pickleball and we are the official partner of 3×3 Unites Basketball.

  • Can a modular sports floor also be provided with logos and lines?

    Logos and lines can be applied on every modular sports floor. Together we make a plan so that the floor can be delivered according to your wishes.

  • What are the advantages of a modular sports floor?

    Modular sports floors offer the possibility to be laid easily and quickly on any flat and paved surface and have a large number of advantages compared to traditional sports floors. For example, a modular sports floor requires little maintenance and can be easily cleaned with a leaf blower and water. The tiles are available in various colours and can be fitted with lines for various sports both indoors and outdoors.

Personalise your sports floor

The modular sports floor can be fully customised to your wishes. It is possible to add a logo of your club, school or sponsor to the modular sports floor. For sponsors, a logo on a sports floor provides exposure!

We can also add lining to every floor. The lineation is applied in advance with special paint, which makes it highly visible and much more durable than tape, for example. It is possible to create multiple lines for various sports on a sports court.

The sports floor can be provided with an attractive finish all round by simply placing edges and corners.

3X3 Basketball

3×3 basketball is a separate discipline within the sport of basketball and therefore has different rules than traditional (5-5) basketball. As the name suggests, two teams of three players play against each other. The matches take place on half a basketball court on one basket. This brand new Olympic sport is gaining enormous popularity (especially among young people), offers the ultimate basketball experience and has a huge social potential. We are also preferred supplier of 3×3 UNITES.

Sports hall floor

Modular sports floors are suitable for various sports. Thanks to our variety of sports floors, the design of a sports hall or blaas hall becomes much easier. Regardless of your wishes and needs, we can always provide sports hall floors with the best possible properties for the sport(s) to be performed in the blowing-up or sports hall. We are happy to help you choose between sports hall floors. We can also advise you on the further design of sports halls and blowing halls. Our range of products includes, in addition to modular sports hall flooring, goals, indoor hockey bats, transport carts, stands, benches and much more.

Baseball5 sports flooring

Baseball5 is the urban variant of America’s popular sport number 1. A growing sport that is also supported by the KNBSB in the Netherlands. Although the sport requires little or no sports equipment, a good subfloor is a must. Click here to see the sports floors for Baseball5

Pickleball sports flooring

Pickleball is a relatively new sport and its popularity is growing rapidly. This new racket sport is a combination of the sports badminton, tennis and table tennis and is played on a court of 13.4 meters long and 6.1 meters wide. Not many materials are needed for pickleball, but a good floor is very important.

Digital folder modular sports flooring

For a complete overview of our products, download our digital product sheets and folders.