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The Player Safe ground frame; now also in the Netherlands!

In recent weeks and months, our partner Schäper Sportgerätebau has been able to sell the new Player Safe ground frame – for match…

With this QR-Fit bench the circle is complete…, our project at A.V.V. Zeeburgia too!

GreenMatter and QR-FIT have joined forces for the GreenMatter QR-FIT bench: an innovative and exercise-friendly bench with built-in platforms and bars for strength…

Fine Finnish fitness line ‘Gritbird’ enters partnership with W&H.

Discover our newest addition to our range: a line of stylish and durable outdoor fitness equipment that fits perfectly into various landscapes and…

The rise of pickleball in the Netherlands: from backyard game to official sport

What is pickleball? Pickleball is a racket sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton and table tennis. It is played with a pickleball…

Football goals and grandstand seats shine during legendary duel at Olympic Stadium

In 2008, we proudly delivered grandstand seats for the Olympic Stadium. Our first major seating project! Recently, our footprint in this historic stadium…

The future of sports clubs: An evolution towards sustainable, interactive and inclusive meeting places

Sports clubs in the Netherlands have been the beating heart of villages and cities for decades. They are strongly embedded in local policies.…

Stadium and grandstand seats made from recycled raw materials

Together with our partner Daplast, we are always looking for a more sustainable future.

Get inspired at our ‘Future-proof Sports Park’ knowledge day

We would like to invite you – together with an introduction/introducer – to our inspiring knowledge day ‘Toekomstbestendig Sportpark’ on 23 May at…

QR-FIT bench: A new initiative that promotes movement and sustainability

The QR-FIT bench which offers 160 different exercises across three different fitness levels.
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