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We have volleyball posts in various designs in our delivery program. In addition to volleyball posts for matches, we also supply multifunctional poles that can be used for tennis, foot volleyball and badminton. We also supply volleyball posts for beach volleyball, playgrounds and public areas. Download the volleyball digifolder here!


Volleyball for every level

Volleyball is a popular sport worldwide! The sport can be played in many ways; at a professional or recreational level, indoors, outdoors and on the sand (beach volleyball). Because of these different ways of playing, there are also different volleyball materials. For example, volleyball poles for competitions, multifunctional volleyball poles, hufterproof volleyball poles, beach volleyball poles and volleyball poles for recreational use. We can also provide court lines, volleyball nets, stands and boarding.

Types of volleyball facilities

We also have suitable volleyball poles for the highest level. The volleyball poles that we supply for competitions are durable, safe and meet the requirements of the FIVB.

In addition to the volleyball poles that we offer for volleyball matches, we also offer volleyball poles that can be used for multiple purposes. As the height of the volleyball net is adjustable, it can also be used for tennis, foot volley and badminton. We also offer a mobile recreation set for volleyball that is ideal for volleyball training or recreational use. The set can also be supplied with a basketball board.

Beach volleyball

A variant of the normal volleyball is beach volleyball. The popularity of beach volleyball has grown considerably in recent years. In addition to the well-known beach volleyball posts, we can also provide court lines, beach volleyball nets, stands for beach sports and boarding. For the construction of beach volleyball courts, we work together with specialised partners, enabling us to create a complete beach volleyball court.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are multifunctional volleyball poles?

    Multifunctional volleyball poles (oval profile 120×100 mm, wall thickness 4-6 mm) are suitable for playing volleyball, tennis (foot volleyball) and badminton with built-in mechanism for height adjustment and tensioning of the net, adjustable from 107 – 250 cm, including removable spindle. Optionally, the multifunctional volleyball poles can be made in different RAL colours.

  • What are the official net heights in volleyball?

    The net height for men’s volleyball is 2.43 m. The net height for women’s volleyball is 2.24 m. The net height for mini volleyball is usually 2 m.

  • Does W&H Sports also sell volleyball installations for public spaces?

    Yes, we offer two different variants. These are resistant to vandalism and other external factors.

  • Does W&H Sports also sell materials for beach volleyball?

    Yes, we sure do! We have an extended delivery program for beach sports. Take a closer look at our beach sports equipment!

  • What is the difference between beach volleyball and volleyball?

    Apart from playing it on the sand, there are other big differences. In official (international) matches, a beach volleyball team consists of two players, of which there are six in the hall. The beach volleyball court is smaller than the indoor volleyball court: 8 x 8 metres, while in the hall it is 9 x 9 metres. What is the same is the net height. For both beach volleyball and indoor volleyball the net height is 2.24 metres for the ladies and 2.43 metres for the men.

Outdoor volleyball

We offer volleyball poles in various variants. One example is the ‘unbreakable’ volleyball poles. These volleyball poles are perfectly suitable for outdoor use due to their sturdy construction. The poles can be supplied with soil pots in which the volleyball poles can be placed.

A similar product is the anti-vandal volleyball posts. These outdoor volleyball poles fall under the quality concept. This means an 8-year guarantee on the welded components.

Multifunctional volleyball poles

We also supply multifunctional volleyball poles. These poles are not only suitable for volleyball but also for tennis, foot volley and badminton. Adjustable to any size.