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Beach soccer

Our delivery program for beachsoccer is very extensive. In addition to beach soccer goals and nets, we also supply containment and edging systems, sand covers, mowing tiles, ground sockets for beach soccer goals (fixed and mobile), stands, sand (cleaning) and playground markings for beach soccer.


What is beach soccer?

Beach soccer (also called beach football) is a variant of ‘regular’ football. As the name suggests, the sport is usually played on the beach or in the sand. The sand adds another dimension to the sport. The playing field is much more difficult to play on than a natural or artificial grass field. The ball is therefore more often played through the air, so agility and individual skills play an important role in the sport.

In official matches, two teams of five players each compete against each other. The match consists of three parts, each lasting 12 minutes. Just like in football, the ball can be played with every part of the body except arms and hands.

It was only in 2000 that the Dutch Beach Soccer Association (NBSB) was founded and the premier league started. In 2005 Beach Soccer was recognized by FIFA and in that year the KNVB also directly recognized the NBSB. As of 1 January 2014 the Beach Soccer Bond Nederland was founded.

Want to buy a Beach Soccer goal?

Are you looking for a professional and high quality beach soccer goal? We offer various designs that all meet the latest requirements of the BSWW. We offer beach soccer goals that are suitable for installation in ground sockets and also a mobile version. Both versions are equipped with internal reinforcements and a yellow powder coating. For the multifunctional use of a beach court, you can opt for permanent ground sockets or a mobile ground frame. In cooperation with our permanent placement partner, we can also take care of the placement of the beach soccer goals.

Multifunctional use of the beach court

Beach courts can easily be designed in a multifunctional manner. In this way, the beach court can be used intensively by different types of sportsmen and women. For example, beach volleyball, beach handball, beach tennis, etc. We can also provide boardings, stands and boundary lines. When constructing a beach court, we take into account the guidelines of each sports association. Curious about the possibilities? We would be happy to help you design a multifunctional beach pitch!

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