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Baseball and softball

We supply bases and plates for competition, training and school sports in various designs. For multifunctional use of an artificial turf field on which various sports take place, we can provide bases and plates with a special adapter that can be anchored in a multifunctional ground sockets. In addition to bases and plates, we also supply dugouts, mistake-post, screens and batting cages. Download here the digifolder for baseball and softball!


Complete range of baseball equipment

Baseball is a team sport that is especially popular in America. In the Netherlands about 30.000 people practice the sport. Baseball is played on a triangular field with four bases. On the playing field, two teams, each consisting of nine players, compete against each other. The defending team is on the field and the attacking team is at bat. They try to get past all the bases. If they succeed, they score a point. The defending team tries to get the ball to home plate as quickly as possible to prevent the attacking team from scoring a run.

To play the sport, some baseball equipment is essential. These include home plate, bases, pitcher plates, dug outs for baseball and softball, and foul poles. For training purposes, many baseball clubs use batting cages and L-screens.

Dugouts for baseball and softball

Dugouts for baseball and softball are located on the side of the playing field. This is where the baseball team at bat is located. The reserve players are also seated here. Modern dug outs for baseball and softball are usually fitted with TRESPA plates. The dug outs are standard equipped with benches and can optionally also be equipped with extra storage space and/or a storage area for all the players’ playing equipment, such as gloves, balls, helmets, catcher’s gear and bats.

We have provided many baseball clubs through the years with new dugouts and will gladly provide you with advice.


Baseball5 is the urban variant of America’s number one popular sport: baseball. A growing sport that is also supported by the KNBSB in the Netherlands. Although the sport requires little or no sports equipment, a good subfloor is a prerequisite. Since 2021 we are the official supplier of the modular sports floors of the KNBSB.

Frequently asked questions

  • What materials do I need to play baseball or softball?

    For the design of a baseball field / softball field one has to think of bases, pitching plates, home plates, error poles and dug-outs for baseball and softball. For training it is advisable to look at a batting cage.

  • What characterises a dugout for baseball and softball?

    Dugouts for baseball or softball are distinguished by their longer length, greater depth and fitted with TRESPA plates. The height should be at least 220 cm and the bench length should be at least 10 metres or 12.5 metres.

  • What are the rules of baseball?

    A baseball game is played over 9 innings. In one inning, both teams play an at bat and defend the at bat of the other team.

    During an at bat, the idea is to get players back to home plate through all bases, without being tagged out.
    Players are allowed to walk after their at bat when the ball is hit into the field. If a player reaches a base, the player may stay there safely, or try to go to the next base or even all the way around.

    Teams must be called out three times before the at bat changes. Outs are made by catching a hit ball directly from the air, by tapping players out or by throwing three strikes. A hit or strike is when a ball is thrown well but the batter misses the ball.

    Players on the field are tapped out or if they cannot return to a previous base because it is occupied, and the baseman cancels one by touching the next base with the ball in hand or glove.