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Boarding and soccercourts

We have various board systems in our delivery program. In addition to boarding in ground sockets, we also supply mobile (movable) boarding. Our boarding elements made of galvanized steel or aluminium can be equipped with various plates. We supply Thepa sports boards, polycarbonate boards, plywood and sandwich panels. We supply our boarding systems for events, public spaces and as soccercourt for associations. We also supply a multicourt on which various sports can be practiced. Download the digifolder boarding & soccercourts here!


Want to buy a boarding field?

Are you looking for boarding for a boarding field or panna field? Then we hope that you will find what you are looking for here! The popularity of boarding pitches has increased enormously in recent years. Municipalities are increasingly opting to replace old playgrounds and football fields with this modern facility or a similar one with boarding. Boarding pitches therefore offer a unique facility for public spaces, but also for sports clubs, events, schools, campsites and sports halls. We offer various types of boarding, varying in material, design and with or without ball catchers. In this way, we can always make an appropriate offer.

Custom made boarding pitches

Sometimes a situation requires customisation, and we are happy to think along with you. Our boarding pitches can be fully tailored to the wishes of your sports club, municipality or school. Together, we can look at the desired dimensions, colours, surface (artificial grass or modular sports floor) and additional options. The extra options include ball catchers, barbed goals or entrance gates. Are you looking for a boarding field that can be used for multiple purposes? Then we can also look at integrating other sports equipment such as basketball poles, volleyball poles, etc. The boarding elements can also be provided with advertising messages.

Features boarding

Our boarding elements are made of galvanised steel or aluminium and can be fitted with various types of plates, such as: thepa sport plates, polycarbonate plates, plywood and sandwich panels. These are all very suitable for stickering (for sponsoring or branding). The use of galvanised steel frames makes our boarding installations durable, safe and vandal-proof. This vandalism resistance makes our boarding pitches a popular choice for public areas.

Boarding for football

Boarding is often used for football. It is a popular application not only in the Netherlands but abroad as well. The dimensions are smaller than a normal football field and often two teams of 5 players are formed. The goals are also smaller. The big advantage of a boarding field is that it can be played on continuously and the pace of the game is much higher because the ball always stays in play.

Mobile boarding field

In addition to fixed installations (in ground sockets), you can also opt for a mobile boarding field. The great advantage of a mobile boarding field is its mobility. This way, the installation can be installed in different places and several people can use the field. Ideal for (pop-up) events, tournaments or municipalities that want to promote sports.

Panna pitch and panna cages

Panna fields or panna cages come in all shapes and sizes. There are small round cages but also complete fields with aluminium ball catchers. However, they all have one thing in common. They are all equipped with a fence. Our boardings are often used on these kinds of playing fields.

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