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Charging lockers

The durable charging lockers offer the possibility to safely store your electronic devices and at the same time charge them. The charging lockers are suitable for, among others: sports lockers, restaurants and other public spaces. The material from which the lockers are made is steel. The doors are finished with a perspex plate. The lock of the charging locker can be locked by means of a pin code. The charging lockers are available with 10 or 20 compartments.

Want to buy a chargelocker?

The charging locker is an innovative product that responds to the latest technological trends. Rarely do you see anyone who does not own a smartphone. Especially the youth is growing up with these technological developments. Offering a charging station where people can charge their phones and other electronic devices fits in well with this development.

Storage space charging locker

The compact charging lockers offer space to safely store items. The dimensions of the locker with 10 compartments are 48 cm wide and 86 cm high including the base; the dimensions of the locker with 20 compartments are 55 cm wide and 187 cm high including the base.

In addition to this storage function, the charging locker also offers the possibility of charging electronic devices. Each locker is equipped with a wireless charger, a Lightning charger (for iPhone), a micro USB charger (for Android) and a USB-C charger (for Android).

Mounting lockers

The charging lockers are easy to place anywhere, but the version with 10 lockers can also be easily hung on the wall using plugs and screws.

Frequently asked questions

Safe charging in any situation

The charging lockers offer the possibility of charging electronic devices in any situation. The lockers are suitable for public areas, such as: hotels, gyms, restaurants and shops. The electronic devices are safely stored in the lockers because of the steel frames and the solid doors. This allows your customers to store the electronic devices with peace of mind. Charging is possible with cables suitable for Iphone, micro USB and type C.

Wide range of lockers

The charging lockers are available in 2 variants. One variant is the charging locker with 10 compartments and the other locker has 20 compartments.
Besides these charge lockers we also offer other lockers. These lockers are available in many different variants. We would be happy to advise you on the design of your space and which locker is most suitable for this.