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Basketball and streetball

We have basketball posts and basketball installations in various designs and sizes in our delivery program. In addition to our aluminium basketball stands, we also supply streetball stands made of galvanized steel, mobile basketball installations and basketball boards for wall mounting. All our materials are durable and very robust. Download the digifolder basketball and streetball here!


Buy basketball equipment

The sport basketball is very popular in the United States. That is also where it has its origin. Nowadays, basketball is also one of the most practised sports in the rest of the world. Big stars like Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant are widely known, even to the general public. Meanwhile, FIBA is not sitting still when it comes to the further development of the popular sport. For example, 3×3 basketball is one of the fastest growing sports in the world! Are you looking for basketball equipment for indoor or outdoor locations? W&H Sports has a wide delivery programme when it comes to basketball and streetball materials. Our offer varies from basketball boards and basketball poles to basketball rings and modular sports floors for basketball. This way, we can always offer a suitable and qualitative solution for schools, municipalities and sports clubs.

Basketball Stands

We offer different kinds of basketball poles. We have basketball poles with one or two uprights, ultra safe basketball installations and mobile basketball poles. These can be equipped with protective pads in various colours.

Basketball Boards and Basketball Nets

Also in the field of basketball boards, we can deliver different kinds of boards, such as: aluminium, polycarbonate, multiplex and steel grids. Of course in different sizes. These are also available in a fixed or hinged version. The basketball hoops can be supplied as standard or foldable. Are you looking for hufterproof basketball nets? Then choose steel or galvanised steel basketball nets. We also offer standard basketball nets.


Streetball is a variation on the traditional basketball and is usually played outside. This variation is less formal and the emphasis is more on the show element and the creativity of the basketball players. Streetball can be played in many different forms such as 1v1 and 5v5. Our robust and qualitative streetball materials are perfectly suited for this sport.

Basketball 3×3

3×3 basketball is a separate discipline within basketball and uses different rules than traditional (5-5) basketball. As the name suggests, two teams of three players play against each other.

The matches take place on a half basketball court on one basket. The games can be played on all kinds of surfaces, but often a modular sports floor is preferred. We are therefore the Preferred Supplier of the modular sports floor for 3×3 Unites. Furthermore, these are important deviating rules compared to traditional basketball:

  • There is one official ball, with the weight of a men’s ball and the size of a women’s ball;
  • Official games last 10 minutes or until a team scores 21 points;
  • There is a 12 second shot clock instead of 24 seconds. Within this time, a team must score or make a scoring attempt;
  • There is no three-point line, but a two-point line. Each score behind this line is worth two points, each score inside counts for 1;
  • There are no personal fouls, but team fouls;
  • As soon as a team scores, the other team may continue immediately by dribbling or passing the ball. As soon as a team has been outside the two-point line, it is allowed to score again.

Frequently asked questions

Materials for streetball and basketball courts

Looking for materials for an indoor or outdoor basketball court? Above you will find our selection of basketball poles, rings and boards. In the past years, we have delivered various materials within basketball and streetball. This has resulted in beautiful references, such as the municipalities of Amsterdam and Ermelo, AFC Ajax and various schools.

Need more information about our materials? Our specialists are available every working day for advice!

Modular Sports Flooring for Basketball

Modular sports floors offer many possibilities. The sports-technical subfloors are used for top-level sports, but they can also be used for playgrounds and sports fields in public spaces. The floors are safe, can be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily, are suitable for (almost) any surface, can be moved easily and are easy to replace and maintain.

3x3 basketball

3×3 basketball has long since ceased to be its little brother. The City of Amsterdam saw this too and invested in personalised 3×3 courts. The popularity of 3×3 basketball has increased so much in recent years that it will even be included in the Olympic Games.

We too see the many advantages of this urban team sport. A 3×3 basketball court is a godsend for municipalities as well as for practitioners of urban sports. Therefore, you will find all the necessities for the equipment of the court in our delivery programme.

Basketball nets

Are you looking for basketball nets? We offer different basketball nets. Click on the link for an overview.