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Brush mats and brushes

We supply brush mats for the entrance gates to artificial turf fields and cleaning brushes for shoes in various designs and sizes. For more information about brush mats and cleaning brushes you can download our digital brochure for built-in materials below.


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Nowadays, many (sports) locations also use brush mats, cleaning brushes or shoe brushes. On the one hand to keep the facilities clean and tidy, but also to prevent microplastics or granules from artificial turf fields from being spread around unwisely. W&H Sports supplies brush mats for the entrance gates at artificial turf pitches and cleaning brushes for shoes in various designs and sizes. Our brush mats are available in various designs and sizes and we can also take care of the installation.

Types of brush mats

There are different types of brush mats. Our brush mats are often positioned in front of entrance gates / entrances to an artificial turf field. This considerably reduces the undesired spread of rubber granules and microplastics. In addition, we also offer boot wipers, which are often found at the entrances of sports facilities. These reduce the amount of dirt entering a building and therefore also reduce maintenance costs (wear and tear and cleaning costs). We also offer a version with a sunken dirt collection chamber. This allows dirt and infill to be collected, thereby preventing the infill/microplastics from ending up in the environment.

The right brush mat for you

How do you determine which brush mat is suitable for your situation? When choosing a brush mat, consider the following aspects:

  • What is its function?
  • Where will you place the mat? Inside or outside?
  • How will the mat be placed?
  • Aesthetics: does the mat match the floor in terms of structure and colour?
  • Maintenance of the mat
  • Life span of the mat
  • Price of the mat

Application of brush mats

Field managers are increasingly opting for recycled materials to help reduce the artificial grass waste pile. The duty of care document (currently the directive in the Netherlands) discusses, among other things, how to prevent the spread of infill material and fibres. Infill rubber and waste from artificial grass wear are microplastics. The spread of microplastics must be prevented. One of the solutions to this problem proposed by the BSNC is to equip the pitches with edging, boarding or brush mats that prevent them from spreading beyond the pitch. We even offer brush mats made from artificial grass fibres from old, worn-out artificial grass pitches. In this way, you can fulfil your duty of care and contribute to reducing the artificial grass waste mountain. Preventive and circular, in other words!

Determining which brush mat is the most suitable for your application is a first step, but how do you ensure that you use the brush mat effectively? Here are a few tips:

  • Choose a walking length that is as large as possible in order to optimise the use of the brush mat
  • The mat should be at least 6 footsteps long. This corresponds to a minimum walking length of approx. 3000 mm.
  • The walking direction should be as much as possible across the profiles.
  • Choose the dimensions of the segments in such a way that they are easy to place and remove

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