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American Football

American Football materials/equipment Our American Football goals are very robust. For multifunctional furnishing of a sports field, we have developed an American Football goal with a rotating wreath, so that in addition to American Football, football or other sports can also take place. We also supply dugouts, stands and advertising profiles. Download the digifolder american football here!


Buy an American Football goal

Football goals are indispensable for practising the sport. The goals are essential for making field goals. We offer two different types of American Football goals, namely: a standard American Football goal for placement in ground pots and a swivel/rotatable American Football goal. The latter is particularly interesting for multifunctional use of a sports field. Durability and safety play an important role when choosing new football goals. From the outside, the goalposts may look identical. However, there are differences in the American Football pitches on offer. Therefore, always ask suppliers about the material used, wall thickness and placement. These factors have a major influence on the lifespan of the goal. Our American Football materials meet all requirements of the American Football Association Netherlands (AFBN).

American Football equipment

Besides the American Football goals, we can also provide padding / protective pads and yard markings. The padding protects players against possible injuries. The cushions of the protective padding consist of high quality lightweight PE foam for ideal cushioning properties. The cover consists of tear-resistant tarpaulin material. The padding is equipped with velcro to attach the protective padding to the upright of the American Football Goal.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the difference between Rugby and American Football?

    Although it may seem similar at first glance, there are substantial differences between rugby and American football. For example, the ball in rugby is considerably larger. It is easier to throw backwards, while American Football is designed to throw forward. Also, apart from a scrumcap and some reinforced clothing, rugby is played without protection. American football players are thicker packed, which is necessary. Because of the longer distances players travel, the tackles and hits are often so hard that it would be unsafe to play without a helmet and so-called pads. Rugby, as a sport, has less restmoments than American football. With ‘out’ balls and mistakes there is a bit of rest, but after a tackle the game quickly continues. In American football, an offensive team is given time to regroup after each attempt, and to devise a tactic. Every time a player or the ball (after a pass) touches the ground, the game interrupted. However, perhaps the most important difference is the way the ball can be played in forward direction: In rugby, it is either running or with a kick: The ball can only be played backwards. American football works in ‘turns’ (the four downs) and a kick is used to surrender the ball to the opponent or to score.
    And as said: American football has the forward pass. A long pass through the air can advance the game fifty or sixty metres at once. In rugby the game moves forward with more plays, in shorter steps.

  • How high should American Football goals be?

    According to the requirements of World Rugby the uprights of an American Football goal should be about 5.6 meters high. Between these two uprights there is a crossbar at a height of 3 meters above the ground.

  • What is the delivery time of an American Football goal?

    When ordering an American Football goal, take into account a delivery time of four to six weeks.

  • What types of American Football goals are there?

    W&H Sports has a standard version as well as a version with a swivel wreath. The latter is used for multifunctional use of the sports field. The uprights can be rotated by the swivel wreath so that other sports can also take place on the pitch.