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Climbing wall for kids

Outdoor climbing walls / boulder walls are very popular. Especially in schools - and especially in primary schools - the demand is very high. A climbing wall at spring height offers a lot of fun and trains strength, coordination and body control - and all this with the greatest possible safety. Rope safety and supervision are not necessary. This also makes the climbing wall ideal for playgrounds and sports fields or youth hostels.

Buying a climbing wall?

Are you looking for a climbing wall for a playground, recreation park, holiday park or schoolyard? Then you’re at the right address at W&H Sports! We sell three different types of climbing walls, varying from free-standing climbing walls with and without rock structure to climbing walls for wall mounting.

The W&H Sports climbing walls are maintenance-free. Polymer concrete is resistant to all kinds of weather influences for years. This makes our outdoor climbing walls an investment for life. Generations of children can use one and the same wall.

Our climbing walls are not only found throughout the Netherlands. Our outdoor climbing walls can also be found throughout Germany, Scandinavia, the Czech Republic and Switzerland.

Different compositions possible

Because the W&H Sports boulder walls can be built in a modular way, there are endless possibilities with regard to the composition. The elements can be rotated and the separate modules can be assembled at angles ranging from 90° to 180°.

Basically, elements with a smooth, slate-like surface and elements with a rocky, rough surface are available. For variety, a climbing net can be stretched between the climbing elements (made of polymer concrete). W&H Sports climbing systems can be installed on site to suit individual needs and space.

Unique design

At the customer’s request, the galvanized steel wall supports can also be supplied in other colours. All RAL colours can be chosen as a colour. The powder coating is not only used for the individual look, but also protects the metal wall supports from external influences.

As the coating material is solvent-free, powder coating is particularly environmentally friendly.

Certified climbing fun – bouldering walls for playgrounds, kindergartens and schools

Strictly speaking, all W&H Sports climbing walls are boulder walls, which means that you always climb at jump height. The total height of the boulder walls, including the individually adjustable entry height, does not exceed 3.00 m. Apart from a shock-absorbing, norm-compliant surface, no safety measures or protective equipment are required.

Thanks to the modular design, easy assembly and freedom from maintenance, W&H Sports boulder walls are ideal for use at schools, playgrounds and sports facilities. A boulder wall as playground equipment is ideal for movement education: body control is trained, strength is strengthened and coordination is improved.

The W&H Sports boulder wall meets the standards for safe play equipment (DIN EN 1176-1) and therefore the special requirements for safety and usability for children.

Frequently asked questions

  • What types of climbing walls do we offer?

    We offer three different variants, namely:

    • A climbing wall without rock structure;
    • A climbing wall with rot structure, and;
    • A climbing wall with wall mounting.

    All these variants can be fitted with all kinds of different climbing elements to create a unique climbing wall.

  • What should be taken into account when choosing a location for a climbing wall?

    When choosing a location for a climbing wall, there are a number of points of interest to take into account.

    • In principle the climbing wall / boulder wall can be set up both inside and outside.
    • Because of the fall height of 2.50 m, an impact-absorbing surface (wood chips, sand, etc.) is necessary.
    • There must be sufficient and unobstructed impact area in front of the climbing wall: at least 2.5 m.
    • The climbing wall may not be placed in heavily frequented passages.
      No electricity cables may be within reach of the bouldering wall.
    • The climbing wall must be checked regularly. If necessary, steps and handrails have to be reattached and the cushioning floor has to be renewed/filled.
  • Do the W&H Sports climbing walls comply with the required DIN certification?

    A boulder wall is the ideal sports equipment to give children the opportunity to climb. Because bouldering is climbing at spring height. The children can freely develop their climbing instinct without taking unnecessary risks. No supervisory staff are needed to provide safety.

    There are special safety requirements and test procedures for bouldering. These are described in the standard DIN EN 12572-2 (standardization/testing of climbing walls). Among other things, the standard provides for a maximum climbing height of 3 m without rope protection. The climbing walls must have structural strength. DIN EN 1176 (standards for playground equipment) applies to climbing walls in public areas for playground equipment. It describes the requirements for construction, material, fall protection and weather resistance to ensure an appropriate level of safety in play.

    W&H Sports climbing walls made of polymer concrete are ideal for use in schools and playgrounds due to their construction and material properties. It is a complete system, consisting of climbing surfaces made of hard-wearing, weather-resistant polymer concrete with climbing handles and supports made of galvanized steel. The climbing elements have a height of 2.5 m. The type and arrangement of the TÜV-tested climbing handles is suitable for children.

  • Can W&H Sports play a role in the installation of a climbing wall?

    We can play a role in the installation of the climbing walls. The costs will depend on the desired design and location.

Exercises and games for the climbing wall

Plan plenty of space for the climbing wall. The wider the outdoor boulder wall, the easier it is to do exercises and games with larger groups of children. Think about the mandatory fall protection all around. Examples of games are: climbing with handicap, climbing without making noise, climbing by clue, climbing by colour and collecting objects.

Climbing walls for schools

Many schools now have a climbing wall or a bouldering wall – or even both. The trend has been going on for years. Bouldering in particular is becoming more and more popular. There are several (good) reasons for this:

  • Bouldering is suitable for all age groups
  • Bouldering improves the hand-eye coordination and awareness
  • Bouldering improves the balance or sense of equilibrium
  • Bouldering improves fitness and strengthens the back in particular
  • Bouldering enhances strategic thinking and problem solving skills
  • Bouldering is just fun!

Bouldering walls with a maximum height of 3 m are ideal for outdoor use, as no supervision or safety ropes are required here.