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GreenMatter or in other words: green matters! Artificial grass is often seen as waste when it is replaced, but we see it as a valuable raw material to be processed into new sports related products with the aim to be 100% circular with each other. GreenMatter is a joint venture between Lankhorst Recycling Products and W&H Sports. Our goal is to deal with the waste mountain of artificial turf pitches by developing and producing products from recycled artificial turf. With our transparent and above all practical vision, we support municipalities in a circular approach by processing the artificial grass fibres into new products. In order to offer even more certainty we comply with ISO 9001: Quality certificate , ISO 14001: Environment certificate en OHSAS 18001: Safety certificate with the production of GreenMatter products. Our production has a reduced footprint and ensures a reduction in waste to be incinerated. GreenMatter joined the ESTC EMEA Synthetic Turf Council in 2020. Download here the digifolder Greenmatter!


Frequently asked questions

GreenMatter joins the ESTC EMEA Synthetic Turf Council in 2020

ESTC EMEA Synthetic Turf Council, formerly known as ESTO, is the industry association for the synthetic turf industry and has the vision to serve as a forum for the promotion, development, growth and advocacy of the synthetic turf industry. ESTC is the voice of the industry and wants to fulfil its role through close cooperation with all parties involved, i.e. members, end users, sports boards and legislators.

The processing process

The differentiating factors of GreenMatter are: the cooperation with reliable partners, high quality & sustainable products and the fact that the GreenMatter products are 100% recyclable. This results in an infinite lifespan for the raw materials. By carefully designing the products, metal and plastic are separated in the system. This guarantees that all components can be recycled without additional pollution. Besides reducing the amount of waste, GreenMatter products have a negative CO2 Footprint of -1.7kg CO2 per kg due to the unique separation and production process. Research by an independent agency also shows that no worrisome substances are found in the production of GreenMatter.

Infographic 'Towards a circular sports sector'

By 2050, the sports sector should be 100% circular. But before that happens, the necessary steps need to be taken. It all starts with awareness. Change starts by you. In order to provide you with insights and information, we have developed an infographic. View the infographic here!