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We have an extensive delivery program for the furnishing of your tennis accommodation. In addition to tennis posts and tennis nets, we also supply scoreboards, tennis walls, referee seats, stands, advertising profiles and maintenance material. Our tennis posts are placed in ground sockets and this guarantees a very high stability. For multifunctional use of your sports field, we also supply mobile tennis poles. Download the tennis digifolder here!


Want to buy tennis poles?

Since 2002, we have been supplying tennis clubs with high-quality and durable tennis equipment. Over the years we have developed a varied and complete delivery programme. Our product range varies from fixed tennis posts (square profile or oval profile) and mobile tennis posts to tennis scoreboards and tennis benches. Although many of these materials are very similar, there can be considerable differences in quality. Think for example of the wall thickness of the aluminium but also the tension mechanism. You should therefore always seek advice when purchasing new tennis posts. All our materials are characterised by German solidity (this is where our tennis materials are manufactured) and therefore have a long lifespan. Our tennis posts therefore meet all the requirements of the ITF. We are happy to give you advice on the design of your tennis facilities.

Different types of tennis posts

We offer different types of tennis posts. Our square and oval profile tennis posts are suitable for placing in ground pots and have been installed on many Dutch tennis courts over the years. Are you looking for mobile tennis courts? Then our mobile tennis posts might be just what you’re looking for. This version is easy to fold and therefore easy to store.

Other tennis equipment

We also offer various tennis equipment that can be a nice addition to your tennis court. Think for example of an umpire’s chair for tennis, scoreboards for tennis, scoreboards for padel and windbreakers that can be placed on the fences around the courts. We can also provide stands and tennis walls. Practice makes perfect, right?

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