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AED / Defibrillator

In addition to service and durability, we also focus on safety, which is why we have CardiAid's AED in our delivery program. Every year more than 16,000 people in the Netherlands suffer cardiac arrest outside the hospital: at home, at work, in the shopping centre or on the sports field. Almost half of the victims can survive a cardiac arrest if CPR professionals can use an AED, a portable device that can restore the heart rhythm in the event of a cardiac arrest. The first 6 minutes are crucial. Then, when someone starts CPR and connects an AED, the chance of survival is highest. Every second counts! Every minute the chance of survival of the victim decreases by 10%.

Act quickly from the first minute

With an AED nearby, you can save a life within the first crucial 6 minutes of a cardiac arrest. If there is no rapid intervention, the survival rate of a victim is reduced by 10% per minute.

Easy to operate

The resuscitation program of the AED starts immediately after the valve is opened. The device gives clear instructions by means of illuminated icons and a clear voice. A shock is given only when needed. Anyone can use the AED in this way.

Always ready to use

Get a maintenance contract at the time of purchase (this is included in the rental option). This way you can be sure that your AED is periodically checked and is always ready for use. This way you will not face any unpleasant surprises.

To take with you everywhere

The AED comes standard in a sturdy bag with handle. It also fits in your backpack and is not heavy. So you can easily take it with you wherever you go, so you’re always ready to go in case something happens.

Rent it for € 1,15 per day!

We offer an attractive rental construction that provides you with an AED for €1.15 per day, including service, maintenance and replacement after use. Without hidden costs!

You can also buy an AED from €1379,- euro.

Periodic checks

The AED is checked every 3 months. Every 2 years a service technician comes on site to carry out major maintenance, including replacing the main battery, backup battery and electrodes. In addition, the shock is measured and the software is updated.

Complete check after use

Once you have used the AED, we read out the AED, the patient’s ECG data is made available to the cardiologist. Within 24 hours we make the AED ready for use again, replace the batteries and electrodes. The care worker is entitled to 2 sessions with a trauma psychologist.

Always available

You can contact the helpdesk 24/7 if you have a malfunction or need to use the AED. Technical faults will then be solved immediately. If it cannot be repaired, you will receive a new AED at no extra cost.

The AED is delivered ready for use with:

  •  A sturdy carrying case
  • An emergency resuscitation kit with scissors, razor blade, latex gloves, an alcohol wipe and a breathing mask.
  • A reference card with the step-by-step plan clearly explained.
  • Electrodes for adults
  • Window sticker for the building: AED present
  • Operating battery: is replaced every 2 years.