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Indoor hockey

Besides the modular sports floor for indoor hockey, we can also take care of the complete furnishing. We supply indoor hockey goals, indoor hockey boards, transport carts, stands and benches. Download here the digifolder modular sports floors and indoor hockey!


Frequently asked questions

  • What materials are used in indoor hockey?

    With indoor hockey one can think of a modular sports floor, indoor hockey beams, indoor hockey goals but also mobile stands. We often look at modular or mobile solutions. Many clubs also look for transport trolleys to move and store hockey boards.

  • Which modular sports floor is best suited to indoor hockey?

    We offer a modular sports floor specially developed for indoor hockey. The ‘Naxos’ is placed on a 4 mm rubber subfloor or a geotextile cloth. We recommend the rubber subfloor for indoor hockey pitches that are realised on a concrete or hard surface. For indoor hockey pitches that are realised on an existing artificial turf pitch, we recommend a geotextile cloth as a separating and pressure-distributing layer between the modular indoor hockey floor and the existing artificial turf pitch. The tile has a special matt surface finish that provides excellent grip and less reflection from the lighting.

  • Which indoor hockey boards are there?

    Indoor hockey boards are available in various designs. We offer combined hockey boards made of aluminium and recycled plastic because they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

  • Does W&H Sports also sell indoor hockey goals?

    Yes, W&H Sports also sells indoor hockey goals in various versions. Both fully welded and collapsible. The collapsible version is suitable, for example, for blowing halls with limited access and for space-saving storage.

  • What are the requirements for hockey boards?

    Indoor hockey boards have a diameter of 100×100 millimetres. The upright side of the playing field should be chamfered 10 millimetres downwards. The indoor hockey boards should also be made of wood or plastic and the couplers / fastenings should not be dangerous.


MHC Leusden has made a very well-considered choice for the indoor sports floor of W&H Sports. This sports floor is strong, fast, has a good grip and because of the porous structure the floor is never slippery. In combination with our double membrane blowing hall, there is no condensation and therefore no risk of slipperiness (no risk of injuries). The collaboration with W&H Sports I have experienced as extremely enjoyable and professional, a deal is a deal and everything on time!

Gertjan of the Group – Seatman MHC Leusden

Other equipment

For indoor hockey, in addition to the modular sports floor, we can also take care of the entire interior. We supply goals, stands, indoor hockey boards, transport carts and benches.