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We supply korfball poles in various heights that can be placed in a ground socket or on a base plate. In addition to korfball poles, we also supply baskets and balls. We also supply materials for beach korfball, dugouts, stands and advertising profiles. Download here the digifolder korfball!


All about korfball

Korfball is a sport that originated in the Netherlands. Korfball was invented in 1902 by Nico Broekhuysen after a trip to Sweden. He invented the game of ring ball, which became korfball in 1903. It started out as a game for gymnastics classes and quickly became very popular with the general public. Korfball is a ball game in which the aim is to throw the ball through the opponent’s basket as often as possible. Each team has a basket that is suspended from a pole at a height of 3.5 metres. For the younger youth, the height of the basket is adjusted to 2.5 / 3.0 metres. The ball must be thrown. Intentionally playing the ball with the knee or foot is not allowed. If the ball is played unintentionally, the game continues. Running with the ball is also prohibited. The team that has thrown the ball through the basket the most times has won. A valid goal is scored by throwing the ball through the opposing team’s basket from above.

Want to buy a korfball pole?

Are you looking for quality korfball poles? Our korfball poles are available in various lengths and models. These korfball poles meet all the requirements of the IKF en de KNKV. Our korfball poles can be placed in ground sockets or baseplates and are therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Our korfball poles can also be placed in an innovative screw foundation.

Other korfball materials

In addition to the korfball poles, we can also supply baseplates for artificial grass, indoor halls or natural grass and we offer the KNKV korfball baskets in various colours. We can also provide Mikasa korfballs. For the korfball trainers, we also offer coach boards on which tactics and strategies can be explained easily. If you are also looking for a technical sports floor, our modular sports floors may be interesting.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the rules of korfball?

    Two teams are playing against each other. Each team consists of two boys and two girls. The field consists of two subjects. In each course there are two attackers from one team and two defenders from the other team. The intention is that the teams throw the basket ball into the opponent’s basket. This basket stands on a pole of 3,5 metres high. Team members must not run or dribble with the ball. They play the ball over (giving is not allowed). The basket ball may only be hit with the hands and not with the feet. When an attacker is being defended, he can not try to score. You are defended when the defender is between the post and you (as attacker), standing with his hands up. Team members and opponents must not touch each other. Positioning without ball and quick passing is therefore necessary in order to score. After two goals, team members change boxes and functions.

  • At what height does the korfball basket hang at official matches?

    At official matches, the basket stands on a pole of 3,5 metres high.

  • Does W&H Sports also sell materials for beach korfball?

    Yes, we also sell materials for beach korfball. For example, we sell different footplates that are suitable for beach korfball.

  • Are the korfball baskets / korfs available in different colours?

    The korfball basket / korf is available in various colours, such as: yellow, red, orange, fuchsia, green, blue and pink.

  • What length of korfball pole do I need?

    The kids between 6-7 years play with a basketball pole of 2.50 meters. With the kids between 7-11 years old the korfball pole has a length of 3 metres. Kids above 12 years old play with a korfball pole of 3.50 metres.

  • Does W&H Sports also sell base plates for korfball poles?

    Yes, we sell base plates that are suitable for a grassy or sandy surface. We also offer foot plates suitable for asphalt or artificial turf.