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Indoor sports floors

Different aspects are involved in the design of indoor sports locations. Including indoor sports floors. In recent years, we have further specialised in this area. Four different types of modular sports floors have been specially selected for you. It is also possible to have the installation of the sports floor taken care of by our installation partner. Our indoor floors are provided with EN 14904 certificate and are produced according to ISO 9001. Download here the digifolder modular sports floors.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can W&H Sports develop a floor plan?

    Yes, for indoor sports floors we are happy to work out a floor plan. We take into account the desired properties of the floor, the surface dimensions, the line plan and installation/assembly.

  • Can an indoor sports floor be delivered in different colours?

    Yes, we can deliver a modular indoor sports floor in different colours. This way your modular sports floor will have its own look and feel.

  • Can I apply advertising on the indoor sports floor?

    Yes, there is also an option to apply advertising and sponsorship on the modular sports floor.

  • What are the advantages of a modular sports floor?

    There are several advantages for a modular sports floor. For example, a modular sports floor is quick and easy to install. A sports floor can be used on almost any surface (provided a hardened and flat surface is present). The sports floors can also be connected without glue, are removable and can be moved to other locations. In case of damage, damaged parts can easily be replaced. The sports floors are also suitable for various sports and the maintenance costs of modular sports floors are relatively low.

  • What standards must an indoor sports floor meet?

    In January 2007, all European Union countries adopted standard EN 14 904: 2006. This standard contains a set of minimum technical requirements that form the basis for the development of a quality indoor sports floor. Within this standard, safety is one of the most important spearheads.

    An EN standardized floor offers the guarantee that you can sport safely on it. The client may also assume that they are purchasing a durable product that will last for years.

  • Which properties are important for an indoor sports floor?

    With a modular indoor sports floor, it is important to pay attention to the sound-absorbing properties of a floor. In addition, one can also pay attention to the ball speed (important when using a sports floor at a high level) and the flatness of the floor. It is advisable to pay close attention to the amount of seams on a floor.

  • Can W&H Sports play a role in the installation of modular indoor sports floors?

    Yes, that is possible!

Sports hall floor

Modular sports floors are suitable for various sports. Thanks to our variety of sports floors, the furnishing of a sports hall or blowing hall becomes a lot easier. Regardless of your wishes and needs, we can always provide sports hall floors with the best possible characteristics for the sport(s) to be performed in the blow hall or sports hall. We will be happy to help you choose between sports hall floors. We can also help with the further furnishing of sports halls and blowing halls. In addition to modern sports hall floors, our product range also includes: goals, indoor hockey beams, transport cars, stands, benches and much more.