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We offer dugouts / team shelters in various designs and sizes. Our dugouts can be provided with various options. With our quality concept score with quality we offer an 8-year warranty on the welded parts of the aluminium construction and many materials are supplied with TÜV certificate. We supply dugouts for football, hockey, handball, korfball, baseball and softball, referees and judges. Download the digifolder dugouts here!


Want to buy dug outs?

Many different dug outs are offered on the internet. Because of the amount of information, it sometimes seems difficult to make a proper choice. Dug outs look a lot alike and prices can vary considerably. We therefore advise you to do your research. Which suppliers are there, what distinguishes the products and which options are available? You can also talk to clubs in the area. This way, you can make a good, well-founded choice. Often the differences are hardly visible from the outside but it is the internal reinforcements, hand-welded welds and wall thicknesses of the aluminium that make the difference in safety and durability. If you have any questions, our staff is always ready to provide you with expert advice.

Customised dug outs

On this page you will find our standard dug outs. If you’re looking for customised dug outs, you’ve come to the right place. With more than 20 years of experience, we have been able to provide great references at home and abroad with custom-made dug outs. We can incorporate all your wishes into your ideal dugout. Deep dug outs, elevated dug outs, coated dug outs or extra long dug outs; we can produce it. Custom made dug outs can be pricier and the delivery time will be a bit longer.

Club colours & identity

Every club can be identified by its colours. Does your club also need more colour? Our cabins can be provided with seats in all sorts of colours and optionally even logos. The seats in the dug outs can also be provided with seat advertising. Our partner TAS Stadionreclame is a full-service marketing & advertising agency specialised in seat advertising. Thanks to this innovative way of advertising, clubs can earn money from their seats in dug outs, changing rooms and stands. Is your club looking for something really unique? Check out our FibreTech Pro and STD. These two variants are made in one piece from composite fibreglass and polyester resin. This allows the entire dugout to be supplied in a club colour. We also offer extra options, such as: logos and sponsor messages on the inside and outside and seats in various RAL colours.

Dug outs guarantee

Before purchasing a dugout, it is advisable to find out about the dugout’s guarantee. Our aluminium dug outs come with an eight-year guarantee on all welded parts. In recent years, we have proven ourselves as a supplier of high-quality sports and equipment. With the aim of offering clients even more quality, the quality concept ‘scoring with quality’ was developed. In addition to the guarantee, all our products within the quality concept are delivered with a TÜV certificate. This means that these products are tested for DIN/EN quality standards. These products can be recognised by our quality symbol, among other things. Do you also opt for certainty? Then take a look at the products that fall under our quality concept.

Frequently asked questions

  • What guarantees can W&H Sports give on Dugouts?

    The warranty conditions are an important aspect when purchasing new dugouts. Each supplier has different terms and conditions. W&H Sports offers an 8-year warranty on the welded parts of the dugouts. These are included in our quality concept.

  • What types of dugouts are there?

    There are many different types of dugouts. We offer dugouts for football, dugouts for hockey, dugouts for baseball/softball, temporary dugouts, plastic dugouts and modular dugouts. Dugouts for hockey are characterized by a slightly increased depth. Dugouts for baseball/softball are characterized by a longer length and the finishing with TRESPA plates. Plastic dugouts have the practical feature that they are available in different colours and also require minimal maintenance.

  • What is the delivery time of a dugout?

    This varies per supplier. At W&H Sports, the delivery time of a dugout is often between 6 to 8 weeks. If the chance occurs that we can deliver faster, we will let you know!

  • Can dugouts also be fitted with seats?

    This is certainly a possibility. We have a wide range of seating. These are available in different colours and can be provided with sponsor displays!

  • Can W&H Sports play a role in the installation of dugouts?

    You can contact us for the installation of the dugouts. We have a assembly partner who is responsible for the professional installation of our equipment on a daily basis.

  • In what ways can dugouts be installed?

    Within our delivery program we offer fully welded and modular dugouts. The fully welded dugouts are supplied as a complete unit and only need to be well-founded. Modular dugouts are supplied in parts. These are assembled by our installation partner or, if desired, by the client. These also need to be properly grounded in order to prevent storm damage or vandalism.

  • Can dug outs also be equipped with luxury seats and heating?

    Yes, that is both possible. See here our offer in business seats.

Options for dugouts

We can provide our dugouts with various options, such as: RAL colour, plastic seats, storage space, clothes hooks, foot grille, aluminium bench with rubber (instead of plywood). We also supply mobile dug-outs equipped with carrying handles and transport wheels.