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Stadium seats and grandstand chairs

In our delivery program we have grandstand chairs and stadium seats from the Spanish manufacturer Daplast. The stadium seats are made of high quality copolymer polypropylene are available in various versions and are tested on strength and lifespan according to the European standards (EN 12727:01) for stadium seats. Our grandstand seats are 100% recyclable, and for stadiums and clubs with green ambitions, it is also possible to produce grandstand seats with recycled raw materials. The seats with backrest meet the requirements of UEFA/FIFA. Download the digifolder stadium seats here! See also the colour chart and some references here.


Looking to buy stadium seats?

Need advice on buying stadium seats? For more than ten years, we have been one of the largest suppliers of stadium and grandstand seats in the Netherlands and Belgium. In the meantime, we have been able to supply chairs to many different accommodations in the Netherlands and abroad. Besides our role as supplier, we like to help by sharing our experience and knowledge through personal advice. Do you prefer to get more information about the possibilities first? We will be pleased to tell you more about the characteristics, certificates and possibilities of our seating for grandstands and stadiums.

Characteristics of grandstand seats

Our range of stadium and grandstand seats consists of twelve high-quality copolymer polypropylene seats and one metal stand-seat combination. Thanks to the wide range of grandstand seats, you can choose between seats with and without backrests. It is even possible to form an interconnected bench from the G3 grandstand chair. The most popular choice, however, is the CR4 chair. A stadium chair with a shiny surface that is easy to clean. In addition, the chair is sealed all the way around to prevent dirt from getting inside and underneath. Like all our chairs, the CR4 chair is fitted with a central water drainage system. Naturally, all our grandstand chairs are available in different colours. Our grandstand seats are also fire retardant (M2) as standard.

Certificates for grandstand seats

All our stadium and grandstand seats are tested for strength and durability in accordance with European standards (EN 12727:01) for spectator seats. The seats with backrest also comply with the requirements of UEFA/FIFA. Thanks to these certificates, any sports facility can use our stadium seating, regardless of its level.

The possibilities of grandstand seats

In addition to the standard features described earlier, there are various additional options that may be of interest. For each individual product, we therefore list the optional features. For example, all models can be provided with seat numbers and extra fire retardant (M4). It is also possible to supply various grandstand seats with armrests, sponsor’s logos, a drinking cup holder or a booster seat. It is also worth mentioning that our grandstand seats are available in small as well as large numbers.

Assembly possibilities for grandstand seats

A crucial aspect of many seating projects is the assembly. Depending on the available space and the current foundation, people look for a chair that is easy to assemble. Because most of our grandstand seats can be mounted directly on a step or on a floor or wall bracket, this offers many possibilities. Sometimes one central screw hole is used, reinforced with a steel plate and fitted with a cover, as is the case with the CR4. The CR6, however, is mounted using four fixing points. Curious about which chair is the most suitable in your situation? Contact us without any commitment!

Other seating solutions

Earlier, we described the metal sit-stand solution called Safe standing. This is a vandal-proof construction that is made of a metal frame. By means of a special key, the seat can be easily folded in and out. But there are more seating solutions, including our business seats. These are very comfortable chairs with synthetic leather upholstery. You will also find complete stands in our delivery programme. Naturally, these stands can also be equipped with our grandstand seats.

Grandstand seats for changing rooms and dugouts

The name ‘grandstand chair’ does not do full justice to the possibilities it has to offer. A grandstand seat is also used in changing rooms and dugouts. The previously mentioned properties and (assembly) possibilities make it very attractive to use grandstand seats in changing rooms and dug-outs. It is very easy to mount a desired seat on existing wooden benches (or other construction).

Folding stadium seats

If a grandstand has to contend with a lack of space, folding stadium seats are a godsend. Folding stadium seats, such as the Avatar, ensure that the aisle of the stands remains free. Despite the fact that the Avatar is foldable, the chair is very comfortable. This model is even available in several versions, including the deluxe version with full padding.

Innovations in stadium seating

In the past ten years, a delivery programme has been put together that can satisfy everyone’s wishes and needs. However, we do not stand still. Circularity is in our DNA. Together with our producers, we are continuously developing. This has resulted in, for instance, a more efficient way of working, allowing us to reduce our use of water and energy. Within our circular initiative ‘GreenMatter‘, we are continuously investigating the possibilities of using recycled artificial grass for the production of grandstand and stadium seating.

Frequently asked questions

Sustainability and social responsibility

This is in our DNA and can be found in our delivery programme and initiatives. With our manufacturer Daplast, we have developed a concept as a contribution to the circular economy with the aim: to close the life cycle of products as much as possible, to reduce the use of water / energy and to prevent waste through re-use.

Eco-conception / Resource efficiency / Durability & resistance / 100% recyclable

Assembly examples

Our grandstand and stadium seats can be assembled in different ways.  As standard, our stadium seats are mounted directly onto concrete or wood, but depending on the specifications and dimensions of the stand, a different method of mounting can also be chosen.

Technical drawings

We will gladly inform you about our possibilities and can support you with examples and the development of technical drawings without any obligation!

TAS Stadium advertising

TAS Stadionreclame is a full-service marketing & advertising agency specialising in seat advertising. They are driven to bring marketing and sports together. Stadium seats can now be optimally provided with advertising. This creates unique sponsorship income for your club or company. The TAS advertising seats are universal; suitable for stands as well as luxury business seats.