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Padel is the new upcoming sport in the Netherlands. W&H Sports sells various materials that are indispensable for Padel. Check this page to see which padel options W&H Sports offers.

The total design of your padel court!

With more than 20 million players worldwide, Padel is fast becoming the number one sport for recreational players, professionals and everyone in between. Padel is a new sport that is becoming increasingly popular, and not only in Spain! In the Netherlands, the sport is also gaining name recognition. Meanwhile, we see this reflected in all the padel courts being built in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is the vibrant epicentre of padel in the Netherlands.

Constructing padel courts

There is a huge demand for padel in the Netherlands. This also creates a market for the provision of padel courts. Constructing a padel court is not easy. We at W&H Sports have several floors that can function as padel courts. Each floor has its own properties and advantages. We would be happy to advise you on this.

Padel racket rental

Not everyone has their own padel racket. To make the sport accessible to everyone, we have developed the SportBox – XS padel. This SportBox can be reserved through an app. After reservation, the SportBox -XS-padel can be opened at the reserved time. Padel rackets can be taken out of this box and balls to play with. After playing, the padel materials can be neatly stored away again.

An advantage for a padel club is that by installing a SportBox XS padel, no one from the staff needs to be present to rent out rackets. This saves staff costs.

Padel bench

The padel bench can be placed around padel courts. Before, after or during the rest period of padel, you can take a seat on the padel bench. This padel bench is made of recycled artificial grass from artificial grass pitches to be replaced. This makes the bench incredibly durable. At PadelPark 21 in Hoofddorp, we recently furnished the padel courts, including the padel bench.

Setting up a padel court

The layout of a padel court is slightly different from that of a pickleball and tennis court. For instance, the dimensions differ and a padel court has glass walls that can also be used during the game.