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Football Goals

In recent years we have been able to set up many football facilities throughout the Netherlands, including AZ Alkmaar, AFC Ajax and Feyenoord. With our quality concept 'scoring with quality' we offer an 8 year guarantee on the welded parts of the aluminium construction (as well as the football goals) and many materials are supplied with TÜV certificate. Download the football digifolder here! Watch the video of our project: AZ training complex.


Aluminium football goals for every football facility

Looking for the ideal football goals for football clubs? W&H Sports offers a wide range of aluminium football goals. We are proud of the price-quality ratio in combination with the safety and durability of our football goals. Our various net attachment options prevent dangerous situations with sportsmen and women. In addition, the expertly applied welded seams contribute to a high quality. That is why we can offer a guarantee of 8 years! The W&H Sports aluminium football goals are reinforced internally for an extra long lifespan.

Which football goals can W&H Sports deliver?

The possibilities within football are growing by the year. Through technology and innovation the sport is brought to a higher level. However, football goals remain the most important part of the sport. That is why in the past twenty years our focus has been on the further development of our robust aluminium football goals. Not only the further development of solid football goals was our priority. In recent years innovative techniques have been used to stay ahead in the development of football goals. Below we describe our latest developments and football goals.

Fixed football goals & moveable training goals

A fixed football goal is anchored by means of ground pots. Movable training goals on the other hand are easy to lift or move thanks to the transport wheels. Fixed football goals are often called match goals, because these are fixed goals that remain in place during matches. The moveable goals, however, have to make room during matches and are placed behind fences. In practice, this means that a moveable goal is used very intensively and often has to cope with a lot of impact (e.g. through incorrect use). The choice for a transportable goal with a robust goal profile with reinforced corner connections is therefore essential. Because W&H Sports only offers aluminium goals with high-quality, hand-welded welded seams, they comply with the quality concept. This means that each football goal within the quality concept has an 8-year warranty on the welded parts.

Choose a durable and safe net attachment

It was previously described that choosing good net attachments prevents dangerous situations. Netting hooks and other excellent net attachment techniques seem innocent and not dangerous at first sight. In practice, however, net hooks regularly cause injury to sportsmen. Youth players but also seniors cut themselves on protruding sharp objects when grasping football goals. W&H Sports offers two net attachment options made of materials that prevent these situations. All our goals can be provided with a milled net attachment or plastic net securing blocks. The milled net attachment can also be provided with an aluminium or rubber (‘FLEXI’) net securing / anti-theft device.

Foldable football goal, foldable football goal and mobile football goal

The standard of football goals has increased. The possibilities have also grown considerably. W&H Sports has expanded its range of football goals in recent years. Thanks to the cooperation with clients, several innovative solutions for lack of space and unnecessary effort have been designed and realised. One example is the foldable youth goal; an aluminium 5×2 football goal that is easy to move after the ground frame has been collapsed. Lack of space also plays a role in stadiums. In addition, the fixed stadium goals are preferably not used due to damage to the grass in the sixteen-metre area. Thanks to the development of our hinged stadium goal, the sixteen yards of clubs such as: Royal Antwerp, VVV, RKC, ADO Den Haag, FC Groningen, FC Twente and Feyenoord during warm-ups of goalkeepers. After the warming-up, the foldable football goal can easily be dismantled, so the view of supporters is not obstructed!

Frequently asked questions

  • What kind of football goal do I need?

    There are many different types of goals. You have competition goals, training goals, youth goals and mini goals. Match goals (7.32 meters wide and 2.44 meters high) are placed in the ground by means of ground sockets. On main pitches, clubs often choose a football goal with mill cut net suspension system. On the other pitches, clubs often place football goals with a net bar or P-bracket. Training goals have the same dimensions as match goals but are movable and easy to transport. Ideal if you change training form or field. Youth goals are available in fixed and portable versions and have smaller dimensions (5 meters wide and 2 meters high) than match goals. The movable goals can be equipped with transport wheels. Pupil football uses mini goals (3 meters wide and 1 meter high). Indoor soccer goals are also available in fixed and portable versions. (3 metres wide and 2 metres high). There are also goals that are suitable for public spaces. They often have a robust character and are equipped with bars (3 metres wide and 2 metres high).

  • What are the dimensions of a football goal?

    There are different types of football goals and their dimensions vary. A professional football goal meets the dimensions and safety requirements set by the KNVB. According to those regulations, four types of football goals can be distinguished:

    • Football 11×11 (standard pitch): The goal is 7.32 metres wide and 2.44 metres high, with a depth at the sides of 1.5 metres, 80 centimetres at the top and a maximum of 2 metres at ground level.
    • Football 7×7: The dimensions of the youth goals are 6 meters wide and 2 meters high.
    • Indoor soccer: The soccer goal is 3 meters wide and 2 meters high, with a depth of 1 meter.
    • Beach soccer: The goal is 5.50 meters wide and 2.20 meters high.
  • How do I attach the goal net in a football goal?

    We always recommend that you start by fixing the corners of the net at the intersection of the football goal. Then hook the net from top to bottom behind the goal profile. Make sure that the meshes of the net are divided neatly. For training goals, also apply this to the ground frame. If you also have an anti-theft strip, you should apply it afterwards. Do this with the opening of the strip facing the inside of the goal. When the strip is in the goal profile, push it upwards (towards the crossroads). Then secure the strip by tightening the imbus.

  • What should I pay attention to when buying a football goal?

    There are a number of things to pay attention to when buying a football goal. For example, one can pay attention to the way in which the nets are secured. In this way you want to avoid that there are protruding net hooks on the goals. These can rust (in the case of metal) or weathering (in the case of plastic) over time and are also unsafe to use. The welds can also show a difference in quality. For example, have they been machined or done by a skilled welder (in practice many times stronger). In addition, it is important to know whether aluminium profiles are welded to the goal profile or whether they are first placed in the goal profile and then welded all around. The last option is desirable and prevents cracks from forming on the welds. A final check can be made on the internal reinforcements. This is of course difficult to check from the outside. Always ask the supplier whether internal reinforcements are used. Football goals that are not internally reinforced have a considerably shorter lifespan.

  • Is there a guarantee on a football goal?

    An important pillar in the purchase of new football goals are the warranty conditions. Each supplier applies different conditions. W&H Sports offers an 8-year warranty on the welded parts of the football goal. The goals are therefore part of our quality concept.

  • What is the delivery time of a football goal?

    This differs per supplier. At W&H Sports, the delivery time of a football goal is often between 2 to 4 weeks. If there is a chance that we can deliver faster, we will let you know!

  • What references are there with W&H Sports goals?

    Our football goals can now be found in the ArenA, De Kuip, the Philips Stadium and the AFAS Stadium. But not only the BVO’s know where to find us. Our goals can also be found on most of the sports facilities in the Netherlands.

Want to buy football goal?

When buying football goals people must take a closer look at quality, price, safety and durability. At first sight, the differences between football goals seem small. However, the opposite is true. The materials used, combined with a professional production process, are essential for the lifespan and safety of a football goal. The football goals of W&H Sports are fully welded and internally reinforced. That is why a guarantee of no less than 8 years is given on the welded parts of the aluminium football goals.

Football nets

We supply our knotless polypropylene goal nets in various sizes, wire thicknesses, colours and colour combinations. As standard we supply goal nets with square meshes but on request we can also supply goal nets with honeycomb meshes. In addition to goal nets, we also supply nets for ball catchers, safety nets, covers and sports nets for other sports.

Pupil football

New rules, new material… Take a look at the brochure and find out everything.