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High jump

Materials for high jump In the field of high jump we supply support grids, high jump mats in various designs, safety covers, high jump stands and uprights. New are inflatable mats. These materials meet all the requirements of the IAAF. In addition to furnishing materials, you can also contact us for the possible purchase of small materials for competitions and training. Download the high jump digifolder here!


Frequently asked questions

  • What materials do I need to practice high jump?

    For high jumping you need a landing mat, high jump stands and a jumping bar. For prolonged use, we advise to provide the landing mat with a rain cover and canopy.

  • How big is a high jump mat?

    For competition the area of the landing zone shall not be less than 6 m (length) x 4 m (width) x 0.7 m (height). High jump mats not less than 5 m (length) x 3 m (width) x 0.7 m (height) are permitted for competitions and training. When replacing the high jump mat, a high jump mat of at least 6m (length) x 4m (width) x 0.7m (height) is strongly recommended. Until 2028, high jump mats with a height of 0.6m are tolerated.

  • How can high jump mats be protected from the elements and rodents?

    For long-term use, we recommend providing the high jump mat with a rain cover and canopy. For accommodations with a lot of nuisance from rodents (rabbits), we recommend a canopy with the option to lower it.

  • What requirements must a high jump mat meet in order to play competitions on it?

    For the safety of the facility, the shielding of the base platform under the high jump mat is mandatory, unless there is an integrated base platform. This protection may not extend more than 10 centimetres above the base platform. The top must be rounded. The landing mat and the underlying decking must at least lie against the edge of the plastic of the run-up run-up (i.e. completely over the containment belt). It is preferable that the landing mat and decking at the front are at least 0.10 metres above the run-up synthetic material. High jump mats with dimensions of no less than 5 metres (length) x 3 metres (width) x 0.7 metres (height) are permitted for competitions and training sessions. When replacing the mat, a high jump mat of at least 6 metres (length) x 4 metres (width) x 0.7 metres (height) is strongly recommended.

  • Is a high jump mat supplied as a whole or in parts?

    A landing mat is delivered in parts and these are easy to build by the association itself. Of course we can also take care of this!

  • Is the high jump mat of W&H Sports IAAF certified?

    Yes, the landing mats from W&H Sports are IAAF certified and meet the highest requirements.

  • What parts does a high jump mat consist of?

    A high jump mat also comes with a spike mat, spike cover, foam blocks and intermediate bottom. The highly elastic and form resistant foam blocks have air chambers and are covered per block with a cover for extra long life.

High Jump and W&H Sports

We have been a supplier of athletics equipment for two decades. Naturally, the supplies for the high jump are also part of our delivery programme. Sustainability and safety are of paramount importance in athletics and high jumping. Two spearheads for which we have been committed for many years. We do this by using strong and sustainable raw materials during the production of materials. We also have regular discussions with the market so that our materials for high jump grow with the sport and its athletes. Thanks to the input from practitioners and policy makers, we have been able to set the tone in the high jump world for many years. This is also reflected in the many great references in recent years. Do you need personal advice on materials for high jump? Please feel free to contact one of our specialists.

High Jump material IAAF certified

Various materials are needed for high jump. Obviously, a pair of high jump stands and a landing mat are always used. In the Netherlands there are a number of suppliers of these materials. However, not all suppliers have the certification of World Athletics (formerly IAAF). Thanks to this certification the high jump materials from our delivery programme can be used during official competitions.

Besides the obvious materials, we also offer innovations in the field of high jump. For example, our foldable and mobile landing mat, but also the canopy and platform for the high jump landing mat.