W&H Sports

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W&H Sports offers volleyballs for young and old. We deliver volleyballs in different sizes. Besides volleyballs we also deliver footballs, indoor footballs and korfballs. Orders possible as from 10 pieces!

Erima volleyball

We mainly sell volleyballs of the brand Erima. Erima is active in several sports. The German brand was founded in 1900 and since then it is impossible to imagine the world of sports without it. After being a big brand in German football, Erima started focusing on other sports as well. Erima has certain core values, these are: Quality, Design, Innovation, Authenticity, Passion and Community.

The balls we sell from Erima are made of microfibre-PU. Microfibre-PU provides an excellent grip and a soft touch.

Beach volleyball

W&H Sports delivers the Erima King of the Beach volleyball. This ball is suitable for playing volleyball matches in the summer season.

Volleyball materials

Besides volleyballs, W&H Sports also sells other volleyball materials.