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Beach sports

We have an extensive delivery program for the realisation of your beachcourt. We have realized several of them, on which various beach sports have taken place. For the multifunctional use of your beachcourt, we have developed special mobile installation frames so that poles and goals can be anchored and easily removed. In addition to sports and furnishing materials, we also supply edging elements and retaining straps. Download the beach sports digifolder here! Click here for some references.


Materials for beach sports

Beach sports are very popular. Because of the rising popularity, the number of beach sports clubs is increasing rapidly. Educational institutions, municipalities and other sports associations are also responding to the opportunities that beach sports have to offer. Thanks to our wide range of materials for beach sports, we have played a role in the design of various beach courses.

High-quality materials for durable furnishing of beach courts

Beach courts are normally used on a less regular basis than the ‘usual’ sports fields. Nevertheless, it is essential that the materials used in the design of beachcourts are of a high quality. Many of our beach sports materials are therefore very robust. As a result, weather conditions do not have a negative impact on their lifespan. After all, durability is one of our most important pillars.

Which beach sports do you need materials for?

The diversity of beach sports is increasing. Beach volleyball has been played by top athletes and recreational athletes for years. Beach soccer and foot volleyball also appeal to the imagination. However, there are also other types of beach sports that one might not easily think of. For example: beach badminton, beach handball, beach korfball and beachtennis. We have put together an extensive range of products for all the beach sports mentioned, so that every (beach) sports club can create a beach court to its own specifications.

The quality concept as key

We want to stimulate the choice for sustainability. That is why many products from our range are included in the quality concept, called: ‘scoring with quality’. All the products that fall under this concept can be recognized by our quality symbol. This ensures that you have materials with a warranty of up to 8 years on the welded parts of an aluminum construction.

Frequently asked questions

Multifunctional beach courts

The beach sport is growing. Not only in number of users, but also in possibilities! A great development, because every beach sports location has its own specific needs. Very interesting is the construction of multifunctional beach fields. Due to lack of space, it is essential that several sports can be played at one location. For the construction of a beach court, we take into account the guidelines of each sports association. Curious about the possibilities? We would be happy to help you design a multifunctional beach court!

Digital folder beach sports

For a complete overview of our products, download our digital product sheets and folders.