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Multi Sport Court

A multi sport court is the ideal way to set up an Urban Sport Park. It is possible to put together various configurations using different equipment. Often used are the lethal basketball poles, football goals and hockey goals. However, there are many more possibilities to stimulate the wide variety of (urban) sports in one location. Also take a look at our innovative concepts: the SportBox and SmartGoals Urban Skillcourt.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a multisport pitch?

    The name says it all; on multisport pitches, several sports can be played at the same time. Setting up a sports area is not easy. Certainly not in public spaces, where one wants to serve as many sportspeople as possible. Multisport pitches (also called omni-pitches) offer an excellent solution.

  • Which sports can be played on a multisport pitch?

    The possibilities of sports are great. Of course, the sport must be able to be played outdoors. Think of sports such as: football, basketball, hockey, korfball, volleyball and tennis. By using goals, pan cages, table tennis tables, bouldering walls or basketball poles, a multisport pitch can quickly become multifunctional! We can also play a significant role in boarding or sports technical sub-flooring by using multifunctional sports floors.

  • What are the advantages of a multi-sport pitch?

    Multisport pitches offer the chance to appeal to a large target group! From young to old, sports can be played