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In the field of badminton, we supply badminton nets and badminton poles in ground sockets or mobile versions. Besides that we also supply dug outs, stands and advertising profiles for badminton courts.


Want to buy badminton poles?

Badminton is much more than a sport played in gymnastics classes and on campsites. It is played all over the world and is particularly popular in countries such as China, Malaysia and Indonesia. In Europe, the sport is largest in Denmark and Germany. Yoa Jie and Dicky Palyama have held the Dutch honour for years when it comes to badminton. Relatively few sports materials are needed to practice the sport. The equipment required includes badminton poles and badminton nets. In addition, the athlete uses a badminton racket and a badminton shuttle is indispensable.

With us you can find high quality badminton equipment, such as: fixed badminton poles, mobile badminton poles and badminton nets. These, of course, fully comply with the requirements set by Badminton Nederland and the BWF.

Badminton nets

Looking for a badminton net? W&H Sports offers both separate nets and a complete set including poles. A badminton net is an essential part of the sport. Our nets come standard in black and have the following dimensions: 6,1 x 0,76 m.

Equipping a badminton court

The length of a badminton court is 13.4 metres and its width is 6.1 metres (for singles, the width is reduced to 5.18 metres). Lines across the width of the court, intersected by a central line running from the back line, indicate the service areas. The badminton court is equipped as standard with badminton poles and a badminton net.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the dimensions of a badminton court?

    The length of a badminton court is 13.4 metres and the width 6.1 metres (for singles the width is reduced to 5.18 metres). Lines across the width of the field, which are intersected by a line in the middle of the back line, indicate the service boxes.

  • Does W&H Sports also sell mobile badminton posts?

    Yes, we sell mobile aluminium badminton posts with a tension mechanism for easy tensioning of the badminton net. The mobile badminton posts come with a counterweight of approx. 80 kg per post and transport wheels. The standard colour is blue.

  • What is the appropriate spacing between the badminton posts?

    The two badminton poles (height 155 centimetres) must be placed on the side lines with the supports outside the field. The dimensions for singles are 5.18 metres x 13.40 metres and for doubles the dimensions are 6.10 metres x 13.40 metres.