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Our range of athletics equipment consists of products for various disciplines such as: long jump, skip jump, high jump, pole vaulting, bullet jumping, discus throwing, running numbers and other products. In addition to references at the highest level, such as Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam and the Omnisport in Apeldoorn, we have provided many accommodations in the Netherlands with athletics equipment. We are happy to assist you in the preparation of the athletics accommodation to be realized or renovated with our online ordering service or personal advice.


Buy athletics equipment

Since 2002, we are specialised in providing athletics equipment for various disciplines. In recent years, we have been able to set up many athletics facilities, including the Olympic Stadium. The range for this sport is carefully composed and of high quality. All athletics equipment suitable for competitive use meets the requirements of the Athletics Union. The athletics products are also certified according to the requirements of World Athletics. Due to our many years of experience in selling and installing athletics equipment, we are increasingly asked to play an advisory role in new and/or renovation plans.

Track disciplines

Discus throwing, hammer throwing and shot put are all disciplines that fall under the category of “throwing events”. Various materials are needed for these disciplines. Think for example of discus cages, bullet cages and protection cages. But also discus rings and (concentric) insert rings. The installation of such materials needs to be done extremely professionally in order to guarantee durability. For this we have a permanent installation partner with years of experience.

Track disciplines

Sprints, middle-distance, long-distance, hurdles, steeplechase and relays. All these disciplines fall under the category of running events. The materials for running events vary from starting blocks, (competition) hurdles, water basins for steeplechase and steeplehorse to transport vehicles for steeplechase and competition hurdles. Within this category we also offer the Pacer2. This is an electronic hurdle that can be incorporated into the cover gutters of the athletics track. A real innovation that AV Zeewolde, for example, has been working with for some time. Watch the video here!

Jumping numbers

Jumping’ refers to disciplines such as high jump, pole vault, long jump and triple jump. To practice these disciplines you need various products, such as: landing mats for high jump, landing mats for pole vault, high jump stands, pole vault uprights, shelters, push-off bars, blanking boards and insertion boxes.

World Athletics Standards

The World Athletics, formerly the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), is the highest body within the sport of athletics. The athletics sport has more than 200 member national sports federations. This World Athletics annually organises various international athletics tournaments, awards the best athlete and athlete of the year and also determines the requirements for athletics equipment used in official competitions.

Frequently asked questions

The partner for your athletics materials

The furnishing of athletic accommodations involves more than just the purchase of technical sports equipment. Since its establishment in 2002, W&H Sports has specialised in the field of athletic equipment for various disciplines. This has led to many beautiful projects, such as: the Olympic Stadium and the NK Indoor Omnisport Apeldoorn. In addition to all the necessary sports-related materials, we also offer installation materials such as: containment tapes, drainage channels, covers for bounce trays, etc. Thanks to years of experience in the design of sports facilities, we can not only supply materials, but also play an advisory role. Our focus is on sustainability, safety and innovation.

Athletics shop for track equipment

In the past two decades, we have become the supplier of athletics equipment for the Netherlands and Belgium. Thanks to our versatile, sustainable range of equipment, we have been able to supply more than 100 athletics clubs with the desired materials. The most popular athletics equipment in our range is: the high jump mat, landing mat, athletics starting blocks and adjustable hurdles. Looking for other materials for the athletics track? Many more athletics materials are displayed under the different disciplines.

Once you have found the desired materials, you can easily add them to our quote form. After a successful sending of the quotation request, a personal quotation can be expected within approximately 24 hours!