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The SportBox is a storage space for fitness and training materials that can be placed in different places. Users can register themselves using an app and through an app & move concept users can open the box, reserve training sessions and view exercises. It is also possible to equip the Sportbox with an RFID key. The SportBox is equipped with retractable drawers and a solar cell with charging possibilities (via USB). The original and the light versions are equipped with various fitness and training materials and the equipment is protected with an intelligent camera system (against theft and unauthorized use). In the SportBox - XS there is space for small materials such as a football, basketball, pickleball set or table tennis set and this SportBox version is also available on a stand. The SportBox - XS-padel is specially designed for padel rackets and balls.


Ideal addition to public spaces

The SportBox is a secure outdoor storage unit for sports and games equipment. Ideal for parks, schoolyards, exercise areas, public spaces, sports facilities, beaches, business parks and playgrounds. The Sportbox is equipped with drawers, charging facilities, an app and a smart security system. For example, medicine balls, a coordination ladder, fitness mats, skipping ropes, cones, fitness bands, rings, battleropes, weight vests, TRX ropes and kettlebells. All these materials can be safely stored through the robust and vandal-proof doors and an intelligent camera system. To open the box, one needs to log in with the app or use an RFID key. Use (and misuse) is thus immediately monitored.

The SportBox is available in three different versions. The original and light versions are equipped with various fitness and training materials and the contents are protected by an intelligent camera system (against theft and unauthorised use). The SportBox XS offers compact storage space and is also available on a stand.

Interactive sports with the help of a handy app

The SportBox is equipped with a handy app. With this ‘App & Move’ concept, the user can open the box, reserve training sessions and view all kinds of useful exercises. This way, it is possible to monitor whether all materials are still present after use and to prevent theft or vandalism.

Safe and versatile

A specially developed security system protects the interior and the equipment from theft and vandalism. The integrated camera system makes it possible to trace damage or theft back to the user who caused it. Moreover, the owner of the Sportbox can determine the contents of the box himself. This makes the SportBox extremely versatile.

A new way of excercising

Nowadays, more and more Dutch people prefer to train individually without the intervention of an association or club. With increasingly full diaries, sportsmen and women are looking for ways to determine for themselves when and with whom they exercise. As a result, public sports facilities are becoming increasingly full. For municipalities, the important task is to find a creative solution to keep their residents fit and healthy. Due to the current fullness of public sports locations, the demand for outdoor fitness facilities has increased, as well as the demand for digital possibilities to exercise. Our SportBox can offer a solution for many municipalities!

Sports; wherever and whenever you want!

The SportBox makes it possible to train wherever and whenever you want. The SportBox can be positioned anywhere. Freely accessible and at all times secured against theft and vandalism. The SportBox is mobile, making it relatively easy to change location.

The use of the SportBox is in most places free. The SportBox is a perfect extension of the organized sports offer in the area. The big advantage is that you can decide yourself when you want to go exercising, so no more obligations.

Determine the content yourself

The SportBox can be ordered with or without content. The owner of the SportBox can determine the contents himself. Whether fitness materials, sports attributes (balls, pawns, etc.) or game items. The contents of the box can also be changed over time.

Digifolder SportBox

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