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Stadium seating, grandstands and business seats

We are specialists when it comes to grandstands, stadium seating, business seats and dressing room equipment. We have supplied and installed seats at the Olympic Stadium Amsterdam, FC Utrecht, Almere City FC, ADO Den Haag, S.B.V. Excelsior, Feyenoord, v.v. Katwijk, AZ Alkmaar, Cambuur Leeuwarden, Neptunus Stadium in Rotterdam and the Wagener Stadium where the Rabo Eurohockey Championships 2017 took place. Take a look at some of our references here. Our stadium seatings come in various models, colours, designs and, if desired, with the logo of your club. Download the digifolder stadium seats here! View some of our references here.


The possibilities of sports seating

A crowd plays an essential role in the experience of sports matches. Many clubs therefore equip their sports facilities with one or more grandstands. How a grandstand is arranged depends strongly on the number of spectators and the available budget. The following paragraphs give a detailed description of the possibilities our sports seating range has to offer.

Grandstands that do not take up much space

The possibilities for the design of a grandstand are extremely varied. Depending on the wishes and budget, we have put together a range that offers a solution in every situation. Accommodation that does not have a grandstand can be fitted with a new one. In this regard, our grandstands are available both temporarily and permanently. Venues that are used multifunctionally often need a grandstand that does not take up much space or can even be moved temporarily. Because of the great demand for this type of grandstand, we have telescopic grandstands that can be easily extended and retracted. We also offer mobile stands that are easy to move by using transport wheels.

Welcome crowds to indoor and outdoor accommodations

Grandstands offer space to visitors in all kinds of environments. Thanks to our various grandstands, we can realise seats in sports halls and stadiums, but also on outdoor accommodations. The most common type is the football stand. However, there is no standard football stand model, because a stand in a football stadium is many times bigger than a regular football stand. Because the dimensions of stands vary greatly, there are differences in the number of stand seats.

Which grandstand seating is most suitable for our sports facility?

New grandstands but also existing grandstands can be fitted with seats so that the audience is seated comfortably. The names of our products actually speak for themselves. However, we would like to briefly explain the differences between our chairs. For example, stadium chairs and grandstand chairs are two names for the same type of chair. These chairs are made of high-quality copolymer polypropylene. Our delivery programme now consists of twelve different grandstand seats. All twelve have been tested for strength and durability in accordance with European standards (EN 12727:01) for spectator seats. The seats with backrest also meet the requirements of UEFA/FIFA. Previously, copolymer polypropylene chairs were only used on stands. Nowadays, these chairs can also be found in dressing rooms and dug outs. All our grandstand seats are available in various RAL colours. A great way to bring the club colours back to the sports facility.

Need more luxurious seats? Choose a business seat!

In total we have ten different business seats in our delivery programme. Thanks to the great variety of artificial leather stadium seats, you will always find a suitable seat for your situation. The business seat is often used for the more luxurious areas on stands. However, it is also possible to use business seats as sitting places in dug outs. All our business seats are equipped with a folding mechanism and a very comfortable sitting. Furthermore, our business seats are available in any colour and can be optionally equipped with cupholders, armrests, logos and seat heating. Customised solutions are also possible. Please feel free to contact us.

Also attributes for grandstands and business seats are available

To maintain quality, we also offer chair covers. Seat covers offer protection against various weather conditions. It is also an excellent opportunity to offer companies an additional sponsorship opportunity. Permanent sponsoring on grandstand seats is also possible. Thanks to a cooperation with TAS stadium advertising, our stadium seats, grandstand seats and business seats can be provided with advertising holders. The concept is unique in its approachability. This makes it possible for both small and large sponsors to profile themselves within your club.

Seat heating

Watching the game of your favourite club is always fun. However, when the seats are also heated, it makes it even more pleasant. More and more clubs choose to equip their business seats with seat heating. Our seat heaters can be operated separately, heat the torso and only turn on when the seat is actually occupied. This can save a lot of energy! Click on the button below to find out more.

Supplier of grandstands and stadiums

In the past two decades, we have participated in many different projects involving the installation of grandstand and stadium seating. Thanks to the experience gained from past projects, we can provide professional and amateur clubs with their seating needs. There is a choice between various types of stadium seats, artificial leather business seats, galvanised steel grandstands and aluminium grandstands.

More in need of temporary seating at your sports accommodation? Mobile tribunes and telescopic tribunes are eminently suitable for multi-purpose sports facilities. This allows sports halls to be used for multiple sports, both with and without tribunes.

Grandstand and stadium seating expert since 2010

The year 2010 is etched in our memory. In this year we faced our first major stadium project. Not just any project, because after we were allowed to furnish the Olympic Stadium with athletic equipment, the question was asked whether we could also supply grandstand seats. Although we had previously supplied grandstand seats in smaller numbers, it soon became clear that this project was of an entirely different magnitude. Thanks to the cooperation with our manufacturer Daplast, the project went extremely smoothly. After we had measured the entire stadium and worked out the technical details, no fewer than 22,500 grandstand seats were replaced.