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Hanging system 'Sponsorbolt'

Within our delivery program we offer an efficient sponsor board suspension system. With the Sponsorbolt billboard hanging system you clamp any billboard or sponsor board against the fence with double bar mats; fast, easy, safe, and economical! You can order the Sponsorbolt directly through our order module!

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Sponsorbolt?

    With the Sponsorbolt advertising sign hanging system you can clamp your billboard or sponsor board against almost any ‘double wire mesh fence’; fast, easy, safe and affordable! The clamps are double secured, so they are protected against theft and destruction, so they are safe for the public and players. The Sponsorbolt clamp follows the H21 standard for sponsor board design.

  • What is H21?

    H21, the new standard for sponsor board design. H21 simply follows the height dimensions of the average so-called ‘double wire mesh’ fence, a fencing variant that is now almost standard installed around any modern football or hockey field.

  • What are the benefits of Sponsorbolt?

    • Sponsorbolt clamps work quickly, easily, safely and inexpensively.
    • Sponsor Bolt clamps you buy per 100 pieces; always a low initial investment.
    • Sponsor Bolt clamps leave your fencing and billboards intact.
    • Sponsorbolt clamps also fit on warning and information signs.
    • Sponsor Bolt clamps do not flap in the wind, they are strongly secured.
    • Sponsor Bolt clamps are safe for players and spectators.
  • How many Sponsor Bolts do you need per sponsor board?

    With Sponsorbolt you place 5 – 6 – 7 – or 8 clamps per sponsor board, 6 clamps per board is pretty much the standard. Sponsor Bolt clamps leave your fence and sign completely undamaged. The clamps go per box of 100 pieces, so you invest carefully and therefore cheaply; as more sponsors register with you, you can easily buy additional clamps.