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Urban Sports

Urban Sports is the collective term for sports and exercise activities within the urban environment. Since the current COVID-19 situation, Urban Sports has seen a huge increase in popularity. As sports at clubs is not possible, several municipalities offer new sports possibilities by means of: 3x3 basketball courts, multisport courts and calisthenics parks ! The right design of the outdoor space is of crucial importance to get people to exercise and thus create a healthy living environment. We have a varied range of sport materials and equipment in our delivery programme aimed at the sporting, recreational, challenging and interactive design of public spaces. Below you will find various. These can be combined at one location to form one Urban Sports Park.


Frequently asked questions

  • What is Urban?

    The term ‘urban’ means ‘city-like’ and is generally used to refer to movements within music, dance and art. In recent years, urban is increasingly used in sports. A good example is calisthenics. Calisthenics is a movement in outdoor fitness where strength training is done with minimal equipment. These bodyweight exercises are excellent to perform in Urban Sport Parks. This makes a gym subscription unnecessary!

  • What is Urban Sports?

    Urban sports is the collective term for sports and exercise activities within the built-up environment. Yet Urban Sports is not the same as sports in the public space. Urban is the ‘street’ or ‘urbanised’ version of a sport. There are also sports that have their origin in the street. Think for example of parkour (freerunning). Yet there are also ‘standard’ popular sports that have been transformed into an urban variant. Think for example of calisthenics, 3×3 basketball and street football.

  • Why is Urban Sports so popular?

    Urban Sports has grown in popularity because it offers a perfect alternative for sportsmen and women who do not want to practise their sport in a club setting. The fact that it is non-committal and unconstrained plays a major role in this. Often not many materials are needed to practise an Urban Sport. This means that Urban Sports is not only informal but also accessible.

  • What opportunities do Urban Sports offer?

    Urban Sports is a good outcome for both sportsmen and sportswomen as well as for municipalities. On the one hand, Urban Sports offer sporters the possibility to exercise in a casual and accessible way. On the other hand, with Urban Sports, municipalities have an excellent opportunity to achieve policy objectives regarding exercise, healthy lifestyle and sports participation.

    This new way of playing sports/mobility is a stimulus for young and old to participate in society in a healthier and more active way. Urban Sports parks also contribute to a trendier image, without making huge investments. After all, locations for Urban Sports are cheaper than official sports facilities.

  • For whom are Urban Sports interesting?

    Investing in Urban Sports is interesting for government authorities, such as municipalities. Municipalities can profile themselves with Urban Sports. It also contributes to sports participation. Urban Sports therefore help to achieve policy objectives. Investing in sports and exercise in the public space is important.

    The use of Urban Sports parks is most interesting for sportsmen and sportswomen of all ages who do not have the time, money or desire to practise a sport at a club. Nevertheless, Urban Sports are also performed in groups. Thanks to the formation of communities, people also get to know new people.

  • Can W&H Sports play a role in the realisation?

    We work closely with specialised and certified partners in the areas of design, realisation, maintenance and inspection. Not only the quality of the furnishing materials for Urban Sports locations is important, but also the correct method of placement and advice on the right type of surface in accordance with the current guidelines.

  • What developments are there in the field of Urban Sports?

    Thanks to the growing popularity of Urban Sports, new developments are constantly taking place. As awareness of different Urban Sports continues to grow, one of the latest developments is that several Urban Sports have been added to the programme of the Olympic Games. In addition, influencers, ambassadors and well-known brands are helping to improve the sport. SmartGoals, for example, has developed the Urban SkillCourt. A field on which all kinds of sports are enhanced through gamification. The technology of SmartGoals stimulates athletes to measure and improve their performance.

Calisthenics; the alternative to the gym

Calisthenics is an urban sport that focuses on strength training using one’s own body weight as resistance. The goal is to increase muscle strength, muscle mass, mobility/flexibility and endurance. Known exercises in this Street Workout sport are push ups, pull ups and burpees.

In contrast to strength training in the gym, calisthenics is a way of training that is performed outdoors. Thanks to calisthenics devices, often found in public spaces, everyone can start with this Urban Sport.

3x3 Basketbal

3×3 Basketball has become the undisputed number one of urban team sports. This did not go unnoticed, because recently 3×3 basketball has even become an Olympic sport. This Urban variant of basketball provides a completely different experience. The city of Amsterdam also saw the potential of 3×3 basketball and decided to realise a personalised 3×3 basketball court. At first, the appearance of the court takes some getting used to. Matches are played on a half basketball court with only one basket. Meanwhile, more and more municipalities see the potential of 3×3 basketball courts in their neighbourhoods. Curious about the possibilities?

SmartGoals Urban Skillcourt

SmartGoals are known for their iconic technology where LED lights change when the ball or player passes the interactive gate. The sets of SmartGoals have been a success for years at schools, sports clubs and physiotherapists, among others. However, the potential of Urban Sports did not remain unnoticed by them either. That is why SmartGoals developed a concept in which the successful technique can also be applied in public spaces. The municipality of Rotterdam now has the first innovative SkillCourt in the Netherlands. Curious about the possibilities?


Practising different sports used to be very time-consuming. Because a sport used to be practised only in an club, the possibilities for variation were limited. A multi-sports field offers a solution. Not only for the youth is it essential to practise various sports disciplines. Every sportsman and woman benefits from the techniques gained from sports such as football, volleyball, hockey, basketball, etc. A multisport field in public space therefore offers a lot of possibilities.