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Drainage channels

We are the dealer of ACO Sport. ACO is worldwide known for quality, experience and innovation in the field of drainage technology. In addition to drainage channels, distribution shafts and sand traps, we also supply concrete containment belts with rubber top or steel-reinforced, recycled (full) synthetic material for various sports applications.


Drainage channels for sports facilities

In our delivery programme, we offer various water management solutions for sports facilities such as athletics tracks, playing fields and recreational areas. In a safe and sustainable way, our systems ensure that after a rainstorm the wet surface can be played on again as soon as possible. Ever since the 1972 Munich Olympic Games, our drainage channels have been found along the running tracks of this most prestigious athletics tournament. Since then, our drainage channels are hardly missing in any Olympic stadium! But also the athletics tracks of local associations have to meet these high requirements of the IAAF/World Athletics. This is not only important for running competitions, but also for the safety of all athletes on the track.

Optimal drainage of the athletics track

For a good drainage of the athletics track, we have different types of drainage gutters in our delivery programme. Optionally, these drainage channels can be provided with a white cover. The covers are easy to place and remove by means of two stable metal positioning pins. The side inlets ensure safe and efficient drainage of the athletics track. The covers are sturdy enough to allow access even for professional mowers. This eliminates the need to remove the covers. This saves frustration, replacement costs and time.

Other drainage systems

Besides the drainage channels, we can also provide slotted channels, dirt collectors and we can even equip the sports channels with an electronic hare. This enables both individual and groups of runners to follow specific and time-related training schedules with the aid of a visual aid. This innovation can already be seen at AV Zeewolde!

On an Olympic level

Our drainage components are used in Olympic stadiums all over the world. Think for example of the Olympic stadiums in Munich, Montreal, Los Angeles, Seoul, Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney, Athens, Peking, London and Rio de Janeiro but also the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam!