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The calisthenics equipment from CustomBars is ideal for strength exercises where the body weight is used as resistance. Calisthenics is an urban sport where few attributes are needed. The modular design of CustomBars ensures that virtually any exercise can be performed. Thanks to our customized solutions, the calisthenics equipment can be fully configured to your wishes, budget and space. The guarantee on the materials of CustomBars is no less than 10 years!


Frequently asked questions

  • What is calisthenics?

    Calisthenics is a sport that consists of various forms of movement. In contrast to the well-known training forms in power houses, no weights are used here. By using your own body weight, you try to become stronger and more flexible. This includes exercises such as pull-ups, squats and jumps. Calisthenics is good for the cardiovascular system and for building strength. It can also improve motor skills such as balance, speed and coordination.

    The word calisthenics comes from the Greek words ‘Kallos’ and ‘Sthenos’, meaning beauty and strength. The aim is to build a better physique by using one’s own body weight.

    In the Netherlands, the sport is often linked to sports played on playgrounds, sports fields or kicking pitches. Athletes also apply specific tricks that are similar to gymnastics exercises.

  • Why calisthenics?

    The biggest advantage of calisthenics is its accessibility. It can be done anywhere, anytime and with a minimum of materials. This, of course, also ensures that it remains inexpensive.

    Besides developing strength and endurance, calisthenics strengthens the function and quality of bones, tendons and joints. This reduces the risk of injuries.

    For beginners this is a perfect method to give the body a basis of coordination, stability and control before starting to train with weights and equipment.

  • What is the difference between outdoor fitness and calisthenics?

    The main difference between outdoor fitness and calisthenics is that calisthenics has a higher show content and is performed without ‘external’ weights, such as dumbbells and dumbbells.

  • What are calisthenics devices?

    With calisthenics, as already mentioned, we mainly see the use of racks and bars. Here the number of possible exercises is limited only by the skills and creativity of the practitioner.

  • Can W&H Sports also play a role in the installation of calisthenics equipment?

    Yes, W&H Sports will work out a plan with the client and upon approval, our permanent installation partner will take care of the installation. Of course, a client can also do this in-house if desired.

Street fitness

Urban calisthenics, also called ‘street fitness’, is recognisable by the high degree of difficulty of the exercises and the frequent use of bars. Think of bars to pull yourself up with.

Street fitness has a high show-posture. Many practitioners aim to learn certain exercises with a higher degree of difficulty. Think of muscle ups, flag stands and even more difficult variants.

Calisthenics park

Fortunately, there are more and more outdoor locations where stretching frames and other racks are placed for calisthenics. A good and logical development. Municipalities are often looking for ways to get people moving.

The typical equipment in a gym, however, often does not translate well to an unsupervised outdoor gym. Stretchers to pull yourself up and do other exercises are a lot easier to realise.