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Pitch sideboards (microplastics/infill)

With the GreenMatter initiative we have the mission to recycle artificial grass fibres from old artificial grass pitches and manufacture them into new products for on and around the sports fields. A win-win situation: a circular product which reduces the waste mountain and also contributes to the obligation of local authorities to preserve the infill on the pitches and to prevent the spread of microplastics. The GreenMatter products comply with ISO 9001: Quality certificate , ISO 14001: Environment certificate and OHSAS 18001: Safety certificate.


Recycled sideboards

Artificial turf edging boards

According to the BSNC’s duty of care document, sports companies and other field owners have a duty of care to prevent the spread of rubber granules from artificial turf infill. This duty of care consists of two tasks. The first is to prevent the spread, a system to keep the infill within the field. The second task is to clean up the infill that has ended up outside the sports field. Aluminium, synthetic and recycled edge boards made from synthetic turf fibres from old, worn-out synthetic turf fields can be chosen for this purpose. With the first two types, the duty of care can already be fulfilled. However, recycled edge boards can solve two problems at the same time: fulfilling the duty of care and reducing the (growing) artificial grass waste pile. This can be done using edging boards, but brush mats can also reduce this problem. In the meantime, more and more municipalities (such as Amsterdam, Utrecht and Leiden) are taking their circular responsibility and opting for recycled edging boards. The sideboards are available in various heights (20, 15 and 10 centimetres) and can also be fitted with an extra rubber strip that prevents infill and microplastics from getting under the sideboards. Want to know more about the preventive measures you can take against the spread of infill and microplastics?

Sideboards for football fields and hockey fields

Artificial turf football pitches and hockey pitches also need to be fitted with sideboards. We have been offering edging boards for many years now and can therefore provide you with expert advice when we are involved at an early stage in any new construction and/or renovation plans. We can also play a significant role in the installation of the sideboards. For this purpose, we make use of our regular and expert installation partner.

A win-win situation

With these products made from recycled artificial grass you kill two birds with one stone. By applying these products, municipalities contribute to their legal duty of care to keep the soil clean by preventing the spread of microplastics. In addition, a contribution is made to reducing the artificial grass waste mountain. Click here for our infographic.

Maintaining infill and preventing the spread of microplastics has been a hot topic in the Netherlands for some time now. This topic is also becoming increasingly important in other European countries.


Since the turn of the millennium, many artificial turf fields have been laid out but too little thought has been given to how to deal with the fields that are to be replaced. After all the vicissitudes of recent times, we can conclude that this has not been done and that valuable raw materials have ended up in a grey circuit. However, reusing artificial grass in a responsible and circular manner is possible! That is why GreenMatter has taken the lead in recycling material from artificial grass pitches and processing the fibres into new products for on and around the sports field. The range varies from park benches and picnic tables to side boards and brush mats. All are made from the artificial grass fibres of old, worn-out artificial grass pitches and come with all the necessary certificates and labels! GreenMatter’s achievements are also followed internationally. The company already won a Plastics Recycling Award Europe (2020) for ‘Building & Construction Product of the Year’ and recently became a member of the European Synthetic Turf Council.

Frequently asked questions

Pitch sideboard with compriband at the bottom

Uneven road surfaces can cause infill and microplastics to end up in surrounding soils. By applying compriband under the aluminium profile of the pitch sideboard, this problem will be prevented as much as possible in the case of uneven paving.

Concrete slab with recess

In collaboration with Struyk Verwo Infra, W&H Sports has developed a concrete slab with recesses for the recycled artificial grass sideboard. Because of the recess in the concrete slab, the recycled artificial turf edging board can be deepened and this makes it even more effective in retaining infill on the pitch and in preventing the spread of microplastics.