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Our rugby goals can be delivered in various heights. For the multifunctional use of sports fields, we have developed rugby goals with hinged uprights, which can easily be removed so that other sports can also take place on the field. We also supply dugouts, stands, seating and advertising profiles. Download the rugby digifolder here!


Want to buy a rugby goal?

A rugby goal is indispensable for playing rugby. Without rugby goals no drop goals, conversion kicks or penalties can be scored. Although all rugby goals look the same at first glance, there can be considerable differences in the quality. The way the rugby goals are installed also plays an important role in durability and safety. On our website you will find various high quality rugby goals. We can also install the rugby goals for you.

Types of rugby goals

We offer different types of rugby goals. We have a rugby goal with a total height of 650 centimetres and 1200 centimetres. Are you looking for a rugby goal that you can easily build up and remove? Then our hinged rugby goal perhaps fits in well with your wishes. This type of rugby goal is the ideal solution for multifunctional use of the sports field where multiple sports take place. Our mobile rugby goal is equipped with a ground frame (with transport wheels) so no ground pots are needed and it can easily be moved.

Padding / protective pads rugby goals

To improve the safety of the players, we can also optionally equip the rugby goals with padding / protective pads. These protective pads can be attached to the uprights (the first two metres). Injuries can be prevented in this way. The protective pads can be supplied in various colours and it is even possible to add sponsor details as an option. For example, advertising or a sponsor’s logo.

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