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Dressing room equipment

We have an extensive delivery program for your dressing room / changing room. We supply lockers, wardrobes, wall benches, dressing room seats and much more. With the help of technical and 3D drawings we can give you a good idea of your wishes and the appearance of your future dressing room.  Besides design and furnishing we can also take care of the assembly for you. Download here the digifolder dressing room equipment! View some references here.


New dressing room equipment?

Although you may not think much about it, dressing rooms are everywhere. There are changing rooms at the local sports club, swimming pools, schools, universities, sports halls and fitness centres. But hospitals, companies and public spaces can also have one or more dressing rooms. All these different changing rooms require dressing room facilities that match the needs of their users.

For example, the dressing room of a football club requires a different design than that of a rehab centre. And the dressing room of a fire station will be designed very differently from a changing room of a swimming pool. In swimming pools, for example, plastic will be used mainly because of the high humidity. Lockers are indispensable in public changing rooms. And safe clothes hooks are important in school locker rooms. In the dressing rooms of Premier League clubs, customised solutions are mainly required. Think of cabinets, tables for laundry and dressing room seats. In short, there are many variables that can be taken into account in order to make the right choice. We are happy to help you!

Buy dressing room furniture?

You are looking for dressing room furniture for a new or renovated dressing room. Then it is advisable to put your wishes on paper. Is there only a need for solid benches or do you also want to look at the possibilities of lockers and/or dressing room seats? In the first case, do you prefer wall benches or floor mounting? The presence of supporting walls is also an important factor here. It may be that the walls are not strong enough to support a complete bench (with end users). We are happy to provide tailor-made advice without obligation. We look at your situation and can give a well-founded advice as to why something is or is not a good idea!

Custom made dressing room equipment

Dressing rooms can be made completely to custom made. For example, we can deliver wardrobes, lockers and dressing room benches fully tailored to your needs. Our materials can be coated in any RAL colour so that they always match your house style or club colours. We have already furnished several changing rooms, such as the dressing rooms of Almere City FC and Feyenoord Rotterdam! We have decades of experience with dressing room projects, which enables us to think along at the detail level. Think of the desired locks for the lockers but also the stickers. We are happy to work out a tailor-made offer. This can be done easily and quickly via this website. Do you have questions about the various options or do you simply need more information about our materials? Please contact one of our employees. We will be happy to help you!

Changing rooms for sports

The locker room plays an important role in various sports. This is where teammates meet, team members prepare and battle plans are forged. Basically, these changing rooms consist of a wall bench, showers, a swivel tap and/or a washbasin. In some cases, the sports locker room also has a toilet. Sports dressing rooms are becoming more and more professional and extensive (in terms of facilities). Nowadays, more and more changing rooms are equipped with underfloor heating, dressing room seats (in the club’s own colours), washbasins, lockers with PIN code locks and storage racks. A standard dressing room or a very elaborate one, in the end it is all about one thing: the functionality.

Changing room benches

Cloakroom benches or locker room benches are suitable for placement in the reception area and/or locker room. The benches come in many different designs. You have fixed benches or free-standing benches, single-sided benches or double-sided benches, and wall benches or floor-recessed benches. You also have the choice between benches with aluminium or wooden seats and you can even choose benches with a back. Changing room benches can be delivered with clothes hooks and even with dressing room lockers.

Dressing room seats

More and more clubs are also choosing to equip one or more changing rooms with dressing room seats. In this way, they can reflect the colours of the club in the dressing room. Clients can choose between locker room seats with and without backrests.

Lockers and cabinets

Not every changing room needs to be equipped with lockers. These are often locker rooms with free access, such as in sports halls, swimming pools or fitness centres. The size of the lockers also depends on the sport. Football players have more material to store than basketball players or tennis players. You can choose for separate lockers or a combination where lockers are placed above the dressing room bench.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can W&H Sports also make design drawings of the proposed dressing room?

    Yes, we can support the client with technical drawings of the dressing rooms. In this way the client gets a clear picture of the realization and we can make adjustments if necessary.

  • Can W&H Sports play a role in the assembly of the dressing rooms?

    You can also contact us for the furnishing of dressing rooms. We have a permanent assembly partner who is responsible for the professional installation of our furnishing materials on a daily basis. We can also provide you with professional consultation in advance.

  • Can the lockers of W&H Sports be delivered according to our requirements?

    Our lockers (wardrobes), wardrobes and other cabinets are available in various designs, sizes and colours. Cabinets can be supplied in wood or steel. In addition to standard cabinets, we are also able to supply fully custom-made cabinets according to your wishes.

  • What do I need to look out for when furnishing a dressing room?

    If the locker room has yet to be built, we recommend using self-supporting walls. Cabinets can be supplied in wood or steel. In addition to standard cabinets, we can also deliver fully custom-made cabinets according to your wishes. For the furnishing of the dressing room it is important to let us know the desired number of seats and which other options (e.g. washbasin) are required. Based on the wishes and dimensions of the dressing room we can provide you with good advice.

Dressing room combinations

In addition to dressing room seats, we also supply sofas with various combinations of seats, clothes hooks and/or lockers. With the help of technical and 3D drawings we can give you a good idea of your wishes and the appearance of your space.

Design and realization

We will be happy to advise you on the furnishing of your dressing room. With the help of technical and 3D drawings we can give you a good idea of your wishes and the appearance of your space. From design to realization we can be of full service to you.